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Barrel Pack Provides 2,500 ft. of Cable for Projects

July 15, 2015
The economical design of Metal Clad Barrel Pack reduces the effort required to install cables and is easily transported around the job site.

AFC Cable Systems, New Bedford, Mass., a leading manufacturer of electrical products, has released the Metal Clad Cable Barrel Pack System, described as ideal for contractors who need a large volume of the same cable on one project.

Available in a range of cable types with steel or aluminum armor and lengths from 1,000 to 2,500 feet, Barrel Pack reduces scrap and handling compared to using individual coils in lengths that may not match the project requirement.

Using the Barrel Pack, contractors get just the amount of cable they need for one area of the building or project, and can then move the barrel easily to another area.

Barrel Pack allows contractors to buy larger quantities and save any excess for use on other jobs.The economical design reduces the effort required to install cables and is easily transported around the job site.

The easy-pull Metal Clad Barrel Pack, a 75 gallon fiber barrel rated for 400 pounds, is equipped with a lever-locking steel band lid. Also included is a tripod/truck combination that allows contractors to move the cable easily, without having to pick up heavy coils and carry them from location to location.The system’s collapsible barrel payoff tripod mounts easily to the Barrel Pack to guide cables. Since the tripod is omni-directional, there is no need to rotate the direction of the pull.

The Harper barrel truck with footrest features an adjustable sliding chime hook that can handle steel or fiber barrels up to 48-inches high. The Barrel Pack System is offered for a wide range of metal clad cable. It is available in steel with AFC’s ColorSpec® ID system and in aluminum with plain armor. AFC’s Barrel Pack System meets the labor and cost efficiency demands of large job opportunities.

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