New Lighting Solutions from Milwaukee Tool

Nov. 19, 2015
Three new lighting solutions maximize productivity. Uniquely designed to adapt, perform and survive the demands of professional use.

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its TRUEVIEW™ High Output Lighting family of products with the introduction of three new lighting solutions that maximize productivity. Uniquely designed to adapt, perform and survive the demands of professional use, the TRUEVIEW™ M18™ LED Stand Light (2130-20), TRUEVIEW™ M18™ LED HP Flood Light (2360-20), and TRUEVIEW™ M12™ LED Spot Light (2353-20) provide the highest quality battery-powered LED light, on or off the jobsite.

TRUEVIEW M18 LED Stand Light The M18 LED Stand Light is unlike any other portable work light available today, sources report. Capable of filling large areas with light, it provides up to 2,000 lumens of light, and has three output modes for optimizing brightness and extending run-time up to 10 Hours. The Stand Light can be set up in seconds, and the rotating and pivoting light head can be extended from 4-7 ft., to light overhead work or minimize shadows when casting light downward. Its portability provides increased efficiency on the jobsite, as it can collapse down to 40-ft. for easy transport and storage. For added durability, the Stand Light has reinforced legs that are impact resistant and provide a stable base to protect against falling over, and its light head nests into a protective shroud.TRUEVIEW M18 LED HP Flood Light The M18 LED HP Flood Light is the industry’s brightest portable 18V LED flood light, and is 20% brighter than 500W Halogen Flood Lights typically used on the jobsite. Capable of providing up to 3,000 lumens of light, it has three output modes for
optimizing brightness and run-time up to 9 hours.  In addition to running off of M18 batteries, it can run off of an AC cord for all day applications.  Its head rotates 240 degrees to direct light where it is needed, and 3 keyholes in its base make it easy to hang in multiple orientations, allowing users to direct light where they need it most. With superior impact durability and temperature management, it offers significant advantages over halogen work lights.TRUEVIEW M12 LED Spot Light The M12 LED Spot Light is the most portable, high performance spot light to illuminate,
identify, and diagnose on and off the jobsite. With a beam distance of 700 yards, the Spot Light offers users the ability to spot objects and areas at a great distance away, and features various output modes for greater light clarity depending on the situation, including a strobe mode for safety situations. It can run up to 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low and strobe.

Equipped with TRUEVIEW High Output features, these LED lights utilize the most advanced lighting technology to deliver a consistent beam, optimized color temperature, and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area.

Powered by Milwaukee RED LITHIUM batteries*, the new TRUEVIEW High Output Lighting Solutions are compatible with their respective M12 or M18 cordless systems, now offering more than 150 power tool products combined.

*Batteries sold separately. M12 units are powered by M12 batteries, and M18 units are powered by M18 batteries.