2016 AHR Expo: Fujitsu General Uses Ayla IoT Technology

Feb. 22, 2016
Ayla enables cloud-­based monitoring and control for Fujitsu General ductless mini-­split air-‐conditioning systems.

Ayla Networks, a global Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, has announced that it is working in partnership with Fujitsu General to incorporate Ayla IoT technology into the RLS3Y series of ductless mini‐split air‐conditioning products for both residential and light commercial markets. Fujitsu General lanched its first RLS3Y product during the 2016 AHR show. 

“Ayla is providing Fujitsu General with IoT technology to create and launch a line of connected mini‐split systems that will be connected through the Ayla Networks cloud service,” said David Friedman, CEO and co‐founder of Ayla Networks. “By using the Ayla software agent, Fujitsu General mini‐split systems will automatically and securely connect to the Ayla cloud service. As a result, Fujitsu General will be able to collect data from their systems that will enable them to provide enhanced remote management of their customers’ heating and cooling systems’ operation.” 

The Ayla IoT platform provides comprehensive device, cloud and mobile app connectivity for any kind of product. Ayla allows manufacturers to get secure, reliable connected products to market with minimal time, cost and effort—and to improve multiple aspects of their business based on the real‐world knowledge gained from data generated by the connected devices. 

Fujitsu General’s line of high‐efficiency, eco‐friendly mini‐split systems have been designed to provide advanced zoned comfort solutions for residential and light commercial applications. The RLS3Y line is engineered to install quickly and easily with no ductwork and to provide both cooling and heating. Fujitsu General recently extended its warranty to 12 years maximum on select models when installed by one of Fujitsu General’s Elite Contractors. 

Mobile App Gives User Control of Air Conditioner 
In addition to leveraging the Ayla platform to provide cloud connectivity for its cooling and heating products, Fujitsu General is also using Ayla’s Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) technology to offer Wi‐Fi to mobile app control. As a result, people can control their Fujitsu General systems from anywhere in the world, using a mobile app. 

With Fujitsu General’s mobile app, users will be able to turn their unconnected cooling and heating systems into smart energy‐saving devices. The free smartphone app gives users the ability to control temperature settings and monitor usage of the system, as well as providing remote control capabilities. Users can turn the system on or off remotely from other locations besides their home or office. 

“Ayla’s IoT platform allowed Fujitsu General to get secure, reliable connected products to market in an efficient manner,” stated Erin Mezle, director of marketing for Fujitsu General America, Inc. “By partnering with Ayla, we are able to offer our customers the convenience of remote management of their mini‐split systems using a simple smartphone, tablet or PC via the internet.”