Reversible Chiller from WaterFurnace features HydroLink Aurora controls

Nov. 9, 2016
The NXW is equipped with a control box that offers clean wiring, easy accessibility and an emergency shutdown button.

WaterFurnace International, Inc. announced updates to its Envision2 NXW Reversible Chiller, including HydroLink Aurora controls and a 10-inch color touchscreen display.

The new communicating controls combine field-proven Aurora compressor management with a HydroLink NiagaraAX-based system-level controller to manage
setpoint, control, staging and the new touchscreen display. The controls also communicate more than 200 points to the BAS network via BACnet, LonWorks or through the NiagaraAX bus.

Custom-built HydroLink Supervisory controls are also available, with the ability to consolidate all mechanical room chillers and hydronic components under one controller. This turnkey solution provides complete plant room management that helps ensure proper operation with easier servicing.

The chiller’s new 10-inch color touchscreen HMI tablet display is factory-installed on the cabinet exterior and provides high-end graphics on system performance and control. Each chiller is equipped with a small Wi-Fi router or hardwire Ethernet connection that offers additional connectivity options to display chiller information without tapping into the BAS network.

Available in 10- to 50-ton capacities, the Envision2 NXW chiller provides water heating and cooling for a wide range of applications, including pools, commercial aquariums, radiant floor heating, ice melt, chilled water application and industrial process water. The unit also provides precisely heated or cooled water for fan coils or other applications. Its compact design fits through most doors and features external fork truck lifting points for easy installation.

The NXW is equipped with a control box that offers clean wiring, easy accessibility and an emergency shutdown button. Additional features of the Envision2 NXW chiller include:

  • Forklift cutouts in base of frame accessible without removing an access panel
  • Class J fuses for short circuit current rating (SCCR) up to 100 kA
  • Temperature sensor wells for accurate water temperature sensing
  • Copper-brazed, oversized stainless steel heat exchangers for high efficiency and low water-side pressure drop
  • Bidirectional liquid line filter driers to maximize system cleanliness
  • Optional temperature setpoint control software to control leaving load temperature
  • Optional factory-installed pressure gauges.