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    Emerson Launches Reciprocating and Screw Line Compressor Selection App

    Jan. 16, 2017
    Vilter Select Lite uses the same registration information as the online software tool.

    Emerson announced today it has launched a mobile app for its Vilter™ Select software, an online tool that allows users to determine capacities of all Vilter reciprocating and screw compressor lines. The mobile app is an extension of Emerson’s technician-focused selection software, providing in-the-field analysis capabilities necessary to select the most efficient compressor.

    Vilter Select was developed to help customers predict compressor performance based on inputs for site conditions and operating parameters. The software provides compressor ratings and allows users to print reports. The Vilter Select Lite mobile app, available for Androids and iOS devices, offers access to information generated by the software on the go.

    “As we develop new tools to provide our customers with the means of making the most informed decisions on equipment selection, mobile options are becoming an integral part of any new tool,” said Tom Hoopes, business development director, Vilter for Commercial and Residential Solutions. “This app supports the need for quick and easy access to data in the field at a time when the shortage of technicians creates pressure to provide a well-evaluated solution that reduces analysis and maintenance time.”

    Vilter Select Lite uses the same registration information as the online software tool, provides up-to-date compressor ratings for all Vilter compressors, can be used without an internet connection, allows users to save and edit recent projects, and enables projects to be shared between the online tool and the app.