New Addition to Viega Facility Is Up and Running

Feb. 6, 2017
The Viega MegaPress system is also said to be easy to use, flameless and environmentally friendly. I

Viega announced that production of Viega MegaPress® and MegaPressG carbon steel press fittings began at its manufacturing facility in McPherson, Kan.

Viega broke ground for the 80,000-sq.ft. manufacturing addition to its McPherson campus in November of 2014. The first Viega MegaPress forming cell is now producing the first of Viega’s metal products in the United States. The new Viega metals manufacturing facility cold forms 1/2- to 2-inch press by press and straight elbow MegaPress and MegaPressG fittings.

Under full production, the new facility is capable of manufacturing three million MegaPress fittings per year. In addition, Viega assembles 250 different MegaPress fitting configurations, nearly every MegaPress product option available, at its metals production facility and is able to assemble 1.5 million fittings annually.

“The new facility is functioning perfectly for our current MegaPress manufacturing needs,” said Eric Wicker, director of manufacturing at Viega. “We built the metals manufacturing facility with plans to add more MegaPress production cells and additional high-tech manufacturing processes.”

Described as ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications, the Viega MegaPress system is also said to be easy to use, flameless and environmentally friendly. It makes secure, water-tight and air-tight connections in seconds. The system performs well in both new installations and retrofit projects. The innovative Viega MegaPress leaves no joining material buildup, exposed threads or tarnish creating a clean, professional appearance.

Viega is the industry’s premier manufacturer of pipe joining systems for plumbing, heating and industrial applications. The company currently manufactures plastic products for the PureFlow® plumbing and Viega ProRadiant™ product lines, including the Viega ManaBloc® homerun water distribution system and the Viega-assembled panels for easy radiant heating installation in McPherson.

Viega owns and operates five strategically located manufacturing and distribution centers around the United States. Each facility is ISO 2008:9001 certified and operates with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art quality management system that ensures the best possible products and services.