Has It Come to This?

June 13, 2013
I don't know how the city of Walnut operates, but it's hard to believe the local library is operating on a 50-year old HVAC system. How many energy dollars could have been saved with regular replacement?

The staff at the Walnut public library in Walnut, IL has been taking time away from its regular duties to find various ways to pay for a new HVAC system. An article in the Bureau County Republican quotes librarian Michelle McAlvey as saying the existing HVAC system is "being held together by basically bailing wire."

I don't know the bureaucratic operations of Walnut, IL, and I realize it's a very small town of about 1500 people; but it's hard to believe it's come down to this. Silent auctions and electronics recycling programs are currently the main sources the library staff is using to gather together the estimated $25,000 needed to do the job.

Obviously, the system should have been replaced about four times since 1964. What would the energy savings have been, especially if they installed a higher EER system about 10 years ago?

If you're an HVAC contractor near Walnut who often performs work for special causes at reduced prices, maybe you can give Ms. McAlvey a call.

How many other small towns are in a similar predicament? I know some in Washington want us to get used to a "new normal," but it stinks that a city has to collect nickels and dimes for a new comfort system.

If you — or if a few contractors join together to share the expense — step up to help the library, let me know how it goes, when you 'got a minute.' We'd be happy to publicize your generous act!

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