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    Making Music from Mental Notes

    Sept. 9, 2013
    It's important that you keep track of and follow through on those "flashes of brilliance" that cross your brain pan.

    The item you see here is some of my scribbling. I wrote it down as soon as I had this idea for my blog. It reads, "Making Music From Mental Notes." In times like these, neatness doesn't count.

    A quick jot with pen and ink is just one way — and perhaps still the most-used — method for recording those great ideas that hit during
    the day. You could be working on a problem related to business mangement, training, or marketing, and BAM! — you get a "flash of brilliance" that seems like a heaven-sent solution.

    But for sure, these great ideas can pass as quickly as they come, so you've got to jot them down before you get distracted. Don't tell yourself that you'll remember it for later. You probably won't.

    What methods do you use to record new ideas? And then, how do you nurture, perfect, and follow-through on them, to hopefully solve a problem or increase service and profitability?

    Let me know when you "got a minute."