HVACR Contractors: We Invite You to Play

Sept. 27, 2013
Social media has pervaded deeply into our lives that even weddings aren't sacrosanct. What does this have to do with HVACR contractors and Comfortech 2013? Read on . . .

Now that Comfortech 2013 is behind us, I found myself at my desk looking at the many photos that our staff and our friends took at the event. There were lots of them. And as I was thinking what to do with them, I remembered a wedding my wife and I attended a mere two weeks ago and it got my wheels spinning.

You see, this was the wedding of the daughter of some very dear friends whom we've known since before any of us had kids. As we sat in the church during their middle daughter's wedding ceremony, it dawned on me just how old I was getting. To take my mind off  that I picked up and read the program that was so carefully prepared for the wedding guests. It obviously was a program with a thank-you note from the bride and groom that was well written and fun to read. In that note was a request for guests to download a smartphone wedding app, along with the link.

Really? A wedding app? I just had to see what this was -- so I whipped out my IPhone 5 (actually I carefully sneaked it out of my pocekt so my wife would see -- she wouldn't approve of me "texting in a church). I proceded to download this app (called Wedding Party) and fire it up. It was very cool. It enabled the user to take pictures and post them to a twitter account with it's own hash tag. The instructions were simple: " Please share any and all pictures you take at our wedding and post them for everyone to share and enjoy."

It reminded me of all the birthday parties we had for our kids where we set the table wioth those cheap throw-away cameras and asked all the kids to take pictures. Then at the end of the party we had tons of pictures. Instead of those toss away cheapo cameras, our friends were using this app and the photos from their wedding were awesome. All the guests contributed and it made for a living photo album of their very special day.

And that brings us back to Comfortech. I created a photo gallery from the images that the staf and I took during the show and posted them for you enjoy. Just click here to see them.

But  here's the "app" part (well not really): we'd love to have everyone who attended the show who took photos to share them with us. Just email them to me with any appropriate caption, and we'll add your photos (with credit to you, of course) to our gallery. Let's see how many pictures we can get!!!

Didn't take any photos but would like to contribute content? No problem. Just register for this site (if you aren't already) and then add any Comfortech related comments or stories to the Discuss the Gallery comment area beneath the photo gallery. Simple as that.

So are you willing to play? I'm looking forward to seeing all your great photos and comments.