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    Design/Build Excellence

    Oct. 6, 2014
    The two winning projects we’ve chosen for 2014 Design/Build Awards are prime examples of what the commercial HVAC industry is all about.

    Have you, as a mechanical HVAC contractor, ever taken a moment to consider the importance of what you do? You can do so with pride, because the value of indoor comfort can never be underestimated.

    The two winning projects we’ve chosen for 2014 Design/Build Awards are prime examples of what this industry is all about.

    The Murphy Company team took a road trip to Cincinnatti, OH, to install a central utility plant (CUP) for a 200,000 sq. ft. addition to the Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center.

    The CUP was pre-fabricated in St. Louis, and shipped to the job site in eight large sections. This included two 500-ton water chillers, two boilers, and a cooling tower water filter.

    Along with the massive size of the shipments, there was a change, which required adding a boiler and a space for a future third boiler. Building Information Modeling (BIM) assisted the team in deciding the logistics.

    Our second 2014 winner is Air Force One, Dublin, OH, and its branch in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
    The Portage Trail Village senior care facility was in dire need of an entirely new comfort system. It’s 46-year-old rooftop units were rusted and ragged.

    The team from Air Force One, led by vice president/general manager Bob Watson, brought new sparkle and efficiency to the site, located 13 stories up on a circular roof. Once the old equipment was removed by crane, the team had to guarantee the residents’ comfort would continue, as they weren’t going anywhere during construction.

    These winning projects illustrate the value of HVAC firms that are willing and able to tackle unique projects, and respond with professionalism and good ideas when there’s a change in plans.

    Read about our winning projects as documented by Elaine Yetzer Simon: CARING INCLUDES COMFORT, and PRE-FAB A WINNER!

    Congratulations to Murphy Co. and Air Force One, for showing the commercial HVAC industry at its best!

    In early 2015, we’ll begin accepting entries for the next edition of the ContractingBusiness.com Design/Build Awards. Watch these pages and ContractingBusiness.com online, for news on how to submit entries from your 2014-2015 Design/Build projects.