New HVAC Sales Rep: Engineered Products Opens in Denver

April 24, 2019
Sources say new company is striving to become the most valued partner for essential HVAC solutions in the local market. Offerings include chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, pumps.

Denver, CO – April 24, 2019 –  Engineered Products announced today its official opening in Denver. The office located in Lakewood will represent respected commercial and industrial HVAC brands such as Marley, Danfoss, ClimateCraft, Bosch, Skymark, IEC, and Hitachi, among other big names in the industry. President Matt Miceli says the company’s goal is to become the most trusted and valued partner in building better mechanical systems. Engineered Products will host an Expo in May dedicated to introducing its products and services to end-users, contractors, and the local construction businesses.

Engineered Products is a sales representative for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, founded in 2018. The company offers a complete product line that includes cooling towers, chillers, air handlers, pumps, and other essential pieces of equipment for mechanical systems. Engineered Products defines its success by the number of clients who count them as their most trusted partner, and focuses on building lasting relationships with engineers, contractors, owners, and manufacturers. It is also part of the Engineered Products’ mission to reward the team and to give back to the community.

The company has been operating since the beginning of last year, when Matt Miceli, then owner of Engineered Products Group, sought for a better model with a strategic approach towards building valued partnerships with customers while staying focused on fewer high-quality product lines. With a record of success, Engineered Products Group strategically partnered with another local rep, Midwest Machinery Denver, in the latter half of 2018 to become Engineered Products.

While Engineered Products is a newer company, the expertise in the Colorado market is not. Matt’s tenure as an Equity Partner and Mechanical Group Leader for a large HVAC Rep in Colorado coupled with a seasoned sales team, strategic partnerships, and a successful business model position Engineered Products as one of the most qualified firms in the Rocky Mountains, with more than a hundred years of combined experience.

“But most people don’t know that yet”, says Miceli. “Promoting the company was not our priority. We decided to focus first in what enables us to give customers what they need: premier brands, the best talents in the area, and optimized operation to provide exceptional service,” he adds. “Now that we’ve organized the house, it’s time to show the construction market the unique benefits of partnering with us.”

In order to break ground in the local market, Engineered Products will host an Expo in May, in which manufacturers will introduce their most advanced products and innovations to prospective clients. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 22, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Great Divide Brewing. 

“We will send out official invites to key companies and potential partners in the next few weeks. Meeting our team and experiencing firsthand the solutions offered by our manufacturers will give engineers, end-users, and contractors an idea of what we are capable of doing for and with them,” Miceli said.

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