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    LG Redesigns Rooftop DOAS

    Oct. 17, 2019
    Upgrades resulting in quieter operation, enhanced energy efficiency, installation and design flexibility.

    Offering building owners and facility managers the ability to seamlessly implement a complete end-to-end LG HVAC system in a wide-range of applications, the upgraded LG RT DOAS is now available in 5- to 70-ton capacities with new inverter scroll compressors, redesigned condensing fans and split system options for greater flexibility.

    The LG RT DOAS units allow for 100 percent outside air with heating, cooling and de-humidification for accurate automatic conditioning and control of the outside air being supplied to the building. Seamless integration with the LG controls platform and LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems enables the RT DOAS to be used in applications looking to capitalize on the efficiencies of VRF but requiring outside air by code, such as schools, offices, retail stores and multi-family housing.

    The technology and design of the LG RT DOAS can save building owners and managers energy, ceiling space and installation costs. Building on its popular installation flexibility, the upgraded system also features the same innovative side discharge configuration from previous models, keeping it easier to service and install.

    Noteworthy enhancements to this redesigned line include:

    • Upgraded inverter scroll compressors that enable accurate capacity control when operating below design conditions, allowing for even quieter operation and a significant reduction of energy costs. With increased energy efficiency, the new RT DOAS units exceed the proposed AHRI 920 standard for measuring DOAS moisture removal efficiency.
    • Improved condenser fans designed with a low-sound swept-blade for even quieter operation, making it an ideal outdoor air solution for all markets, especially for applications in urban areas with noise ordinances.
    • Option for split-system applications providing the modularity to separate the condensing unit for individual installations and allowing the AHU to be mounted on the roof or indoors depending on project need, making the RT DOAS an ideal solution for applications with weight restrictions and design limitations.
    • Redesigned with an economical approach in mind to deliver increased energy and cost-efficiency to customers, providing substantial cost-savings over previous models.
    • Significant reduction in lead time thanks to streamlined U.S. manufacturing capabilities. LG customers will directly benefit from the RT DOAS’ refined production process by seeing long-lasting cost-savings.