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    Aircuity Celebrates 20th Anniversary

    March 19, 2020
    Aircuity is continuing to innovate and has exciting new products and platform enhancements planned for release this year.

    NEWTON, Mass. Aircuity, creator of measurably better environments, announced that 2020 marks the company’s 20-year anniversary. Over the last twenty years, Aircuity has evolved from being a pioneer of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) monitoring to become the industry leader in accurate measurement and control while providing unique analytics utilized to drive core business outcomes.

    “Our founder, Gordon Sharp, is truly an industry pioneer and was ahead of his time when creating Aircuity in 2000,” said Aircuity CEO, Dan Diehl. “We thank our progressive and demanding clients who believed in Aircuity early on and who have helped us continually evolve and improve.”

    Today, Aircuity is installed in more than 100 million square feet across 17 countries. Equally as extraordinary is the impact that the company is having on the environment. To date, Aircuity has sequestered 9.2 billion lbs. of CO2; the same amount saved by 5.4 million acres of forest—roughly the size of New Jersey!

    Aircuity is continuing to innovate and has exciting new products and platform enhancements planned for release this year. A few of these items include: a new mobile application, a refreshed UI analytics platform and new and improved sensor technologies. “We must continue to invest and innovate to keep leading in this rapidly expanding market,” said Diehl. “We have always believed that accurate, reliable and integrated IEQ measurement will be ubiquitous in the built environment.”

    Aircuity’s current growth trajectory is being fueled by fundamental market drivers, such as WELL, RESET, carbon taxes, wildfire impacts along with the link between air and cognitive function improvements. The company is also fortunate to serve a diverse set of vertical markets, be a part of many net zero buildings and partner with workspace leading clients.

    “We want to give special thanks to all our current and past employees, our partners and owners who have made this possible, through steadfast belief and the desire to improve the planet and the indoor environment,” stated Diehl. “Everyone at Aircuity is excited to begin our next 20 years.”