Nortek Air Solutions Releases CRAH Line

April 13, 2020
Line features multiple fan options.

ST. LOUIS (April 7, 2020) — Nortek Air Solutions (NAS) has added catalog computer room air handlers (CRAH) for data centers requiring cooling units with configurable options.

The Nortek CRAH is being released with several models ranging from 9,000 to 48,000-CFM or 63 to 430-kW nominal cooling power capacity. The units are designed to maximize cooling per square foot and require minimal kW input for efficient operation in a very small footprint. Combining these performance features results in a CRAH platform that delivers one of the industry’s best total cost of ownership (TCO).

The new catalog models supplement NAS’ legacy custom CRAH platform, which will continue providing custom-built units to accommodate data centers requiring air handling systems with site-specific requirements. The new catalog units give NAS a comprehensive CRAH lineup for data center and mission critical applications ranging from custom-built units for any conceivable specification to models that fill an economical, standard operation requirement.

The new catalog CRAHs allow consulting engineers to specify end user desired options while achieving a cooling capacity the data center requires. The units are available with an optimized copper tube/aluminum fin A-frame coil; however, an optional high-capacity coil is available to achieve a greater cooling capacity in the same footprint.

Additional configurability comes in fan selection. The Nortek CRAH (computer room air handler) line offers two-fan, three-fan and four-fan options, which can be selected and optimized to balance performance, cost, efficiency and project requirements. Supply air discharge can be selected with the most common configurations – downflow for underfloor applications or front discharge. Each model uses ECM fans with an AMCA-certified performance in a horizontal FANWALL® configuration positioned below the cooling coil.

The Nortek CRAH features welded, heavy-duty structural steel tube frame cabinetry, and its renowned dry powder-baked black or optional white finish that is unmatched in the industry and equals any premier data hall’s high tech aesthetics. Customer feedback regarding service and maintenance helped NAS design a cabinet with easy access panels that utilize universal hardware and tooling. Routine maintenance areas, such as filter racks, humidifiers, and coil-side control valves, can be accessed with quick quarter-turn lock fasteners and hinged doors.       

The Nortek CRAH controls platform follows NAS’ direction of standardizing on the Niagara Framework® direct digital control (DDC) system. The Niagara Framework offers interoperability and compatibility with the wide variety of BMS controls protocols and sub-systems that the data center community requires. Full equipment communication is provided by the controller through an onboard HMI touchscreen. That data is also available to the BMS that can trigger texts and emails for any critical data and alarms.

The Nortek CRAH maximizes cooling capacity per square foot while optimizing kW input. 

Other electrical options include dual power with ATS feed backup from secondary electrical circuits, quick start relay electronics, dedicated UPS for the DDC and a high short circuit withstand rating.

The Nortek CRAH can be ordered as whole units for new construction, or in three knockdown sections for easy site assembly in retrofit projects. It has a modulating two-way or three-way control valve. Humidifier options are available, as are stainless-steel drain pans, to guard against condensate overflow.

• 2-inch and 4-inch (51 and 102-mm) thick filter media with options for MERV 8 or MERV 13 filters behind hinged, easy-access doors;

• Electrical safety measures including a separate low voltage control section to allow access to the 24V control panel for start-up, service and maintenance while not exposing technicians to 460V unit power;

• Mechanical safeguards built into the entire unit;

•  Installation and service can be executed by NAS service or by its extensive North American rep network.

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