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Remote Collaboration Experts Offer Free Software During Hurricane Laura Recovery

Sept. 8, 2020
Existing Librestream customers receive extra licenses at no charge. New customers will receive a complimentary Remote Accelerator Package.

Librestream, a global provider of augmented worker, remote collaboration and communications solutions is offering its support to organizations with operations in Louisiana and Texas impacted by Hurricane Laura, through September 2020. Sources told Contracting Business that Librestream's remote products have definite practical applications in the mechanical HVAC space.

Librestream will provide current customers with additional Onsight software licenses at no charge for regions affected by Hurricane Laura. For new customers, Librestream will provide a Remote Expert Accelerator package at no charge. This accelerator package includes the Onsight software and services required to immediately deploy this remote expert capability to key personnel within 24 hours. There is no commitment to purchase of any kind. In addition, Librestream is also offering no charge, virtual training sessions. New user companies can speed the process through an online registration, HERE
"The widespread need to safely inspect, assess damage and rebuild in the aftermath of a natural disaster puts significant pressure on response teams," said John Bishop, president and chief executive officer of Librestream. "The ability to virtually leverage expertise using remote expert software with hands-free devices like the RealWear HMT-1 can have a significant impact on the safety and timeliness of response. We feel it is important to offer our services to companies struggling with Hurricane Laura as well as a global pandemic."

Jereme Pitts, chief operating officer — who grew up in a family that operated an HVAC business — told Contracting Business that Librestream’s founders were engineers who came out of heavy manufacturing 17 years ago, and decided they wanted to solve recurring problems they noticed in the manufacturing process, in both the building of products and the need to fly around the world to solve a customer’s problem in-person.

"They wanted to digitize the process, to enable problems to be solved virtually immediately under normal circumstances, let alone during pandemics or natural disasters," Pitts said, and added that the technology is designed for use in rugged, industrial "dirty environments," as opposed to carpeted office spaces.

Librestream is also offering special discounts on hardware solutions to new customers impacted by Hurricane Laura.  These discounts will apply to:

• Onsight Cube-R: an industrial wearable captures live video, HD pictures, and thermal imaging for effective independent work, knowledge capture, and remote expert assistance, and

• Onsight Hub: a specialized audio/video capture solution that works with a wide range of video and audio devices such as non-destructive test (NDT) instruments including borescopes and ultrasound devices.

RealWear will donate a number of HMT-1 devices to healthcare organizations, municipalities, and first responders within the affected region.

In support of Librestream's offer, RealWear is making available its HMT-1 ruggedized head-mounted, wearable, Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker's hands for dangerous jobs, as follows: 

• RealWear will donate a number of HMT-1 devices to healthcare organizations, municipalities, and first responders within the affected region.

• For new commercial customers who are based in high-impact zones based on zip codes, RealWear is offering devices at 25% off the list price for a limited time until September 30 for new customers.

• These devices will be pre-configured and ready to seamlessly receive the free Librestream Onsight software via RealWear's Foresight cloud provisioning system. The popular hands-free device will include two head-mount options: a RealWear Workband and hard hat mounting clips.

"We're working hand in hand with Librestream to get our purpose-built HMT-1 devices to the first responders and front-line workers in hard-hit municipalities," said Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman and CEO of RealWear.  "Our HMT-1 with Librestream's remote collaboration software will empower and assist first line workers to quickly and safely assess damage, triage resources to most critical needs, and communicate safely with experts and medical personnel, even in difficult to reach places."

Pitt described three main device capabilities as:

1. Field collaboration, or 'See what I see.' "Everyone that sees the images is looking at the issue, and we have an entire workflow for how that is done, in high bandwidth or no bandwidth," Pitts explained. 

2. Digital checklists and work instructions. "This is simple: removing paperwork and having a checklist for residential or commercial field workers, what you want them to do and how to do a particular aspect of a job. If X has become Y, we follow an 'if/then' scenario, and the project goes beyond a checklist of duties," Pitts said. 

3. Content management and sharing, which allows for secured sharing. "Whether it's the images the field worker was viewing, or a video, there are all kinds of security features included," Pitts said. 

By sharing photos and videos, "You can really start to build the relationship with your OEM, then also build a repository for training," said Jereme Pitts.

Pitts added that the sharing function can be of particular benefit to a contractor who is sharing photos or a video of a piece of equipment wit the OEM. "You can tell the OEM, 'this is the type of problem we're finding in the field with this model." Or, during a high-humidity event such as the days following a hurricane,  share photos of any problems caused by that humidity. 

"You can really start to build the relationship with your OEM, then also build a repository for training," Pitts said.

Librestream's Onsight® platform is deployed by hundreds of leading aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy and TIC services organizations around the world, enabling greater operational efficiency, reductions in carbon footprint and improved worker safety. Usage of the Onsight platform has increased over 500% since March of this year in light of COVID-19 when Librestream first offered a no charge Business Continuity package to organizations.

Stork, a Fluor company that provides integrated operations, maintenance, modification, and asset integrity solutions, accelerated their digital transformation initiatives to deliver business continuity. In a recent interview, Stork shared how in the first two months of travel restrictions, Stork successfully completed over 100 remote digital inspections, supporting seven clients across 17 projects. These inspections were quicker, safer, and provide future scalability for clients.

For existing customers of Librestream, please contact your account manager or Librestream directly at [email protected]. New customers can accelerate the process by filling out your information online. One of our Customer Development Representations will contact you immediately to initiate the onboarding. 

For RealWear's offers, contact [email protected]. Please include details of your situation.

Information received by Librestream was supported by an interview. — Ed.