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    Gas Pipe Fittings
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    Gas Pipe Fittings

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    Oct. 11, 2023

    January 2021 Product Review

    Jan. 15, 2021
    Products we are featuring in our January issue.

    SMART PRODUCT -- Sponsored Content

    Exclusively from Fieldpiece!

    Wireless Manometer with Option for Up to Eight Connected Manometers
    The wireless manometers from Fieldpiece works with the Job Link® System App and measures static and gas pressures quickly and easily. The JL3KM2 dual-port manometers’ untethered design allows the HVACR professional to place probes at optimal locations so
    technicians get precise readings on every system, every time.  Now you can document up to 8 measurements as far as 350-ft. away in the Job Link App.: fieldpiece.comSMART PRODUCT -- Sponsored ContentElectronic, directed digital readout from 25-2500 cfm. Air flow only or air flow, velocity, differential and absolute pressure and temperature. Automatically corrects
    for air density and the effects of back pressure. Auto-read, memory, average, sum and total to 2000 readings with sequential recall. Custom tops made to order. Calibration and repair: two weeks turnaround or less. Shortridge Instruments, Inc. 480-991-6744. shortridge.comDanfoss
    Danfoss upgrades its MCX series of controllers with the MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 (pictured) controllers. Both models are ethernet-enabled with web server features and Modbus/TCP protocol, CAN bus as a fieldbus towards other controllers, remote user interfaces, up to two
    Modbus RS485 opto-isolated serial interface, and USB access for easy software uploading and datalogging. Their basic architecture and increased safety monitoring ensure a solid security base. Used with VZH scroll compressors, the controllers perform time- and level-based functions for both envelope and discharge gas temperature control and single oil management, such as generating alarms and increased speed and maintenance when necessary. danfoss.us

    Grid Connect's Smart Power Cord
    Grid Connect, Inc. has a new ConnectSense® Smart Power Cord that turns non-networked machines like commercial furnaces, industrial pumps and healthcare equipment into IoT devices that stream operational data as it happens to machine makers, owners and operators, so they can predict maintenance, track usage and manage energy consumption. 

    Gary Marrs, solutions architect at Grid Connect, said, “If you’re an engineering manager, CIO or anyone in an organization trying to securely collect data on a legacy device, this is a quick, cost-effective method that’ll reap outsized returns.”

    Grid Connect supplies its industrial-grade, UL- and RoHS-certified Smart Power Cord with a cloud-based application that machine builders and operators can use to monitor an unlimited number and array of remote devices such as furnaces and motors. Plugging in and setting up the Smart Power Cord takes approximately five minutes. Once a machine is plugged into The ConnectSense smart AC power cord and connected to Wi-Fi, machine makers and operators receive emails or texts about data such as voltage consumption, operating temperature and excessive loads. Users can also enable settings via the cord to remotely shut down a machine. Using an API, Grid Connect can securely link data from the Smart Power Cord to other critical software systems of interest to machine operators.

     According to Marrs, equipment manufacturers and product marketing managers who want insights from the field about their products can plug in the Smart Power Cord and begin streaming data to perform predictive maintenance, track usage or even build a better product.

     Marrs adds, “Owners can monitor their equipment use and ensure that it is being properly maintained.”

    The Smart Power Cord network interfaces include Wi-Fi (802.11bg) and comes in several standard models, including 15, 20 and 30 amps and accommodating input voltage ranging from 100 AC to 240 AC.   gridconnect.com     

    Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
    Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US enhances its Branch Circuit Controller with pre-installed ball valves. It Controller allows the CITY MULTI R2-Series system to simultaneously heat and cool different zones within a building using energy-saving heat recovery. The
    module contains a liquid-gas separator and uses the industry’s first two-pipe configuration to provide simultaneous operation. The tube-in-tube heat exchangers can accomplish subcooling without returning refrigerant to the outdoor unit, reducing the total energy consumption. Up to 11 sub-BC Controllers can be connected to one main BC Controller, substantially increasing system design possibilities. mitsubishipro.comModine
    Modine’s Atherion dedicated outdoor air system is now equipped with energy recovery wheels from Airxchange, which optimizes air
    quality and reduces energy costs for hotels, schools, offices, manufacturing plants and other facilities. The energy recovery system reduces operating costs by recycling energy from exhaust air to preheat or precool incoming fresh air. The wheels are aluminum total energy recovery wheels with a 3Å (angstrom) molecular sieve desiccant. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions while the desiccant maximizes latent energy transfer in the vapor phase while minimizing the transfer of larger organic compounds.  modinehvacYORK
    As part of the York LX Series, YEE single-stage heat pumps offer 14 SEER cooling and 8.2 HSPF heating efficiency performance. They can provide heat down to an outdoor temperature of 0° F and cooling up to 125° F. Optimized to be paired with indoor equipment, such
    as air handlers and gas furnaces, with electronically communicated motors. An advanced defrost system provides more even temperatures. The units are dual-fuel compatible; the hybrid system automatically switches between electric, gas and heat pump heat automatically, based on whichever is most efficient. The cabinet is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel with an automotive-grade powder-coat finish. york.comHelly Hansen Workwear    
    Helly Hansen Workwear expands its Luna Collection for women with a winter jacket. It was specifically designed and tested by women,
    and delivers performance and protection for professionals working in cold conditions. The jacket features HELLY TECH Performance waterproof, breathable fabric, Primaloft Black Eco Insulation, and a Life Pocket alongside an adjustable hood, collar, cuffs and hem for optimal fit.  hhworkwear.comWilldan
    The NEO Net Energy Optimizer energy modeling software from Willdan is a SaaS platform that provides customized, real-time energy
    and financial ROI analyses. The energy modeling software streamlines whole building analyses of HVAC systems and energy conservation measures for commercial buildings. It can support product comparisons, existing building energy audits and new construction from early design through construction. It uses default inputs from vetted industry standards (ASHRAE, COMNET, RS Means) to automate the modeling process. The software supports more than 40 commercial building types and 250-plus operational and capital improvement measures coupled with automated ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and IECC baselines.netenergyoptimizer.com

    YORK unveiled a new complete home comfort system with state-of-the-art zoning technology, offering improved, high-efficiency comfort with simplified installation and setup. The Hx3 Communicating Zoning System gives consumers ultimate control of individual room temperatures in up to eight zones that they can manage anywhere with the new and improved Hx app. In addition, the new app gives contractors remote access and monitoring with homeowner permission.

    “More than ever, today’s connected consumers expect a complete system that provides efficient performance, worry-free reliability and customizable functionality that fits their family’s lifestyle,” said Jason Wilson, product manager, Johnson Controls. “That’s exactly what the best-in-class technology of the Hx3 Communicating Zoning System delivers, making it the ideal solution for the new generation of smart homes.”

    The entire system can be directly controlled by the homeowner on a mobile device using the completely re-engineered Hx app or via the Wi-Fi-enabled Hx3 Main Controller, which acts as the primary control point for the entire home. It features multiple, customizable schedules for up to eight zones and advanced settings such as humidity control, geo-fencing, away mode and vacation mode, which can be set for individual zones or the entire home. It partners with additional, secondary thermostats or sensors to enable control of the remaining zones, which can be customized based on the homeowner’s needs and budget.

    The innovative, easy-to-use Hx app empowers consumers to take full control of their HVAC system, featuring a simplified set-up process and intuitive schedule control for enhanced efficiency. The app has a new, refreshed interface with a user-friendly design, allowing first-time users to seamlessly navigate based off in-depth customer research. It’s available on the Apple Store and Google Play and compatible with Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa voice control.   Programmable Thermostats And Controls | Residential HVAC | YORK®

    'Counterflow' Cooling Tower

    SPX Cooling’s Marley MD Everest counterflow cooling towers offer cooling capacities from 1,227 tons to 3,790 tons, providing one-to-one
    matches for large chillers. They achieve a low drift rate, down to 0.0005 percent of circulating water flow. Structural design and materials meet seismic and wind load requirements. They arrive at the jobsite in modules that are pre-constructed in a controlled factory environment. Additional features include a low fan energy requirement, a spray system that evenly distributes water over the fill and energy-efficient PVC heat exchange fill media options. They can be adapted to varying water quality using a range of fill types.  spxcoolingtechnologies