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    Call for Commercial Retrofits

    Jan. 18, 2021
    Our March edition will feature photos and descriptions of quality commercial HVAC retrofits completed by contractors in 2020.

    Our March edition will provide photos and descriptions of commercial HVAC retrofits completed by contractors in 2020.

    Your project and those of your peers will be included in print and online photo galleries.

    Project types can be:

    • office buildings
    • manufacturing facilities
    • K-12 schools
    • hospitals
    • warehousing facilities
    • specialty refrigeration retrofits.

    We will require photographs of mechanical room product installations, rooftop units, ductwork, and controls that were part of the project, in addition to a description of what you were able to accomplish for the customer, such as energy savings, indoor air quality, improved building automation, and improved comfort throughout the facility.

    Please provide square footage of the area, a list of all related products and brands, and the name of the customer. 

    You may also include names of your team members that worked on the project.

    Project descriptions and photographs will be due by February 19, 2021.


    Contact Terry McIver, at [email protected], to let him know your project is on the way, and to ask any questions.