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From left are James Blackford III HVACR educator Omar Mcintosh technical service associate John Felser assistant principal and Brian Youngblood HVACR educator
<p><span>From left are James Blackford III HVACR educator; Omar Mcintosh technical service associate; John Felser, assistant principal; and Brian Youngblood HVACR educator.</span></p>

Bosch Provides Comfort System to Technical College/High School

In September 2016, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. in Fort Lauderdale contributed a 5-ton Inverter Ducted Split System Condensing Unit and Air Handler to the HVAC laboratory at Atlantic Technical College Coconut Creek campus. With the encouragement of Ft. Lauderdale Site Manager Brian Murphy, Bosch Technical Service Associate Omar Mcintosh and Warranty Administrator Maryna Kamkova helped arrange shipment and installation of the units with ATC’s HVACR Educator Brian Youngblood and Assistant Principal John Felser.

From left are Maryna Kamkova, Warranty Administrator; Brandon Ervin, a senior at the school; senior student Xavier Powell; and Omar Mcintosh technical service associate.

According to Brian Youngblood, Certified Master HVACR Educator (CMHE) at the Coconut Creek Campus, the IDS Air Handler and Condensing Section will be used for training HVAC students in the Florida DOE Architecture and Construction Career Cluster program “Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology.”

“We currently have 36 full time adult students and 5 dual enrolled part time high school students (from outside schools) in the morning class and 2 part time Magnet high school students (from our high school) in the afternoon class. Our 2 afternoon Magnet High School senior students have just completed the installation of the equipment on a rolling/portable trainer, and they are currently building ductwork. This system will be a great tool in our classroom for training future HVAC/R technicians, especially in this system’s modern electronic control systems.”

Brian Murphy, site manager for Bosch Ft. Lauderdale facility, remarked “We are delighted to provide a modern system to Atlantic Technical College. Students of today will be installing and maintaining the HVAC systems of tomorrow.”

Founded in 1973, Atlantic Technical College is an innovative career and technical education center providing a wide range of educational opportunities for adults and select secondary students.

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