Commercial Green Systems & Components

New energy efficient chiller systems, controls, and components give commercial contractors a green alternative.


AAON chillers provide high efficiencies at full-load and part-load conditions, sources say. Variable capacity R-410A scroll compressors can modulate the total chiller capacity down to 5%. These compressors continuously adjust cooling capacity to maintain a precise leaving water temperature without the excess energy usage from compressor cycling.
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The Amana® APH15M 15 SEER Packaged Heat Pump provides energy-efficient cooling and heating performance in one self-contained, Energy Star-rated unit.

The four and five ton Amanas feature a scroll compressor, providing for two-stage heating and cooling. The Amana APH15M heat pump reaches an HSPF of 8.2.
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Carrier has enhanced its AquaSnap® 30RA air-cooled scroll chillers with non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant and expanded the range to 60 tons.

The enhanced AquaSnap chiller line offers over four percent improvement over previous models on full load efficiency and five percent on part load. In addition, the units exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010 part load standards by more than 20%.

Designed as a direct replacement for existing hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant-based legacy chillers, many key features were carried into the new design, including standard ComfortLink? controls, an optional hydronic package covering the entire product range, single-point power in all sizes, and an optional fluid loop storage tank.
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CES Group

Mammoth-WEBCO, Inc. offers new Mammoth air- and evaporative-cooled chillers from 50 to 150 tons with an operating sound power rating as low as 60 dBA within five feet of the unit. Units are available up to 1000 tons, that have a similarly low sound power rating for their size. Units are ideal for sound sensitive applications, including hospitals, theaters and recording studios, as well as applications with demanding property line acoustic requirements, sources say.
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Daikin AC, Inc. introduces the VRV® III-C, designed especially for high efficiency heating in colder climates.

The heat pump's high energy efficiency (output up to three times over energy consumed) is maintained at low ambient temperatures. Adding to cold weather comfort are the system's rapid heat up times — eight minutes at 14°F — and short defrost maintenance cycles, allowing consistent and stable indoor comfort.
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The Goodman® brand GPG15 packaged gas/electric unit delivers high-efficiency performance at reasonable operating costs for commercial buildings, sources say. The GPG15 is Energy Star-rated and California Low-NOx approved.

The unit provides efficiencies of 15 SEER with an 80% AFUE ratio, using a two-stage compressor on its 3-, 4-, 5-ton models and a high-efficiency compressor on the 2-ton version.
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Greenheck's Vari-Green motor is a brushless DC (electronically commutated) high-efficiency motor that runs off a 115 volt single-phase input. The Vari-Green motor is capable of operating from 20% to 100% (80% turndown) of full speed versus 70% to 100% (30% turndown) for PSC motors. The motor is available in ¼, ½ and ¾ HP sizes and offers three different control options: 0-10 VDC input wiring, a motor-mounted dial, or a wall- mounted dial.
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Century's PCG Series of self-contained rooftop air conditioners feature two stage Copeland scroll compressors for efficient cooling. Two stage models are available in 7.5 through 25 ton capacities.
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Honeywell announced a significant expansion to its Spyder® family of controllers with the addition of BACnet® protocol models. The new BACnet models offer powerful functionality and are sized for Variable Air Volume (VAV) and unitary applications.
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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has introduced the Quick Start feature for its York® centrifugal chillers equipped with OptiSpeed™ variable-speed drive. Designed to reduce time for chiller restart after power failure — by as much as 75% — the feature rapidly re-establishes chilled-water temperature, keeps process equipment cooled, and reduces the risk of expensive downtime, sources say.
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The intelligent Prodigy™ unit controller on every Energence™ rooftop unit is designed to help businesses reduce energy usage, cut service and maintenance hours, and verify that the HVAC systems are running to their efficiency potential, company sources say.

The Prodigy controller is a standard feature on all Energence 3- to 50-ton rooftop units, which combine ultra-efficient performance with an intelligent controls system.
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The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ air-cooled chiller has been designed to exceed HVAC industry standards for operating efficiency and low sound levels. According to company sources, the chiller's quiet operation makes it ideal for sound-sensitive environments such as schools, churches and other facilities located in residential neighborhoods. Unit capacities range from 175 to 515 tons in both 50 and 60 Hz.
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Redi Controls announces the OAM-Purger presentation video. The oil-acid-moisture purger regains chiller capacity and saves thousands of dollars per year in energy savings due to oil migration during chiller operation, sources say.
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Rheem introduces the ClearControl control board on Rheem commercial equipment. ClearControl enables contractors to easily identify and address system maintenance, while building management professionals also benefit from its plug-and-play compatibility with building automation systems, sources say.
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Ruskin model EAMS060 is BACNet compatible, and utilizes a single mass flow sensor to achieve AMCA Certified ratings of + 3% down to 50 fpm.

The EAMS060 combines electronic air measuring with an ultra low leak, airfoil blade, control damper and actuator. The building automation system (BAS) sends a setpoint CFM to the controller and the factory commissioned actuator modulates to control to that setpoint. The output signal confirms the flow to the BAS. This damper saves energy with AMCA class 1 leakage, and meets the requirements of the IECC.
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Samsung introduces a new series of four-way ceiling cassettes. The CH series is comprised of three models: 24,000, 36,000, and 48,000 Btu/h. All models in the series offer a wide range of operating parameters because of Samsung's Smart Inverter technology. Technical innovations include: a 3-dimensional fan blade for an even and widespread flow of conditioned air; minimum overall height allows the unit to fit even the tightest of ceiling spaces; a fresh air intake and the ability to run a sub duct for cooling an adjacent, smaller space.
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Sanyo introduces the CHDZ09053 heat recovery outdoor unit. The unit can be connected to as many as 17 indoor units. Every indoor unit can have its own thermostat to allow maximum comfort and to allow units to be turned off when the room is unoccupied.

The heat recovery unit allows each indoor unit to select the mode (heating or cooling) the occupant desires. The units can operate in heat mode while others are operating in cooling mode. When this happens, the overall system efficiency becomes more efficient as it absorbs heat from one zone (the cooling indoor units) and discharges that heat in to another zone (heating indoor units).
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