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Contractors in Social Media: Plumbing the Soul of Irish Folk Music

Contractors in Social Media: Plumbing the Soul of Irish Folk Music

Both HVAC and Plumbing contractors were busy on social media this week. Today’s top social media items show that HVAC and Plumbing aren’t always just about installing pipes and boxes. The people and companies that make up this industry showcased their artful side by sharing stories about music and art.


Plumbing the soul of Irish folk music. There’s more to this plumber than wrenches and piping. Check out this article on his favorite hobby.


York YMC2 chillers fit nicely into brewing process for a popular IPA brewing company.

Thinking about relaxing with a nice glass of wine this weekend? Check out the creative ways copper can be used to display your bottles!

Make comfort personal with Mitsubishi HVAC.

Lennox takes a chance at marrying art and HVAC…and it’s working.

Do you have any interesting or fun stories or pictures that you’ve shared on Twitter or any other form of social media? Found any? Let us know and you could be highlighted in our next contractors in social media article! Send any comments or inquiries to [email protected]

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