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Deluxe Home Comfort had a businesssaving stroke of luck this year (Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
<p>Deluxe Home Comfort had a business-saving stroke of luck this year.</p>

HVAC Company Gets Lucky, Stays in Business Via the Lottery

There’s always hope for a company that has fallen down on its luck, and Deluxe Home Comfort showed an extreme version of this.

According to the News Observer, the HVAC company saw success during the housing boom but started to falter when the bottom dropped out of the economy in 2008. However, the company hit a stroke of luck earlier this year simply by chance.

On Sept. 9, however, he went to the West Garner Road Grocery Boy Jr, bought a $20 scratch-off lottery ticket, and won $100.

Thinking this could be his lucky day, he used his winnings to buy two more tickets. The first one was a bust. But when he played his second ticket, he hit a $4 million jackpot.

Rather than take the $200,000 per year payout over 20 years, Kennovin elected to collect the lump sum of $2.4 million and pocketed $1.7 million after taxes.

“The lottery gave me a fresh start,” he said. “It has taken the stress off of me and has given me some freedom.”

While it isn’t likely that many other HVAC companies will experience this stroke of luck, perhaps this can serve as great motivation for business owners to know that there’s always a chance at business survival.

Does your company have an inspiring story of perseverance to share? We’d love to hear it; let us know by emailing Content Producer Hal Conick at [email protected].

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