PHOTO GALLERY: "Have Ye Been To the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Restaurant, Dear?"

May 6, 2015
The Bridges Restaurant & Bar — where scenes were filmed for the movie, 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' needed a solution to pesky cooking fumes that were filtering into the dining area.

Instead of exiting through the dual exhaust cooking hood, smoke and food odors wafted into portions of the 3,300-sq.ft. dining area, raising complaints from patrons seated near the kitchen. Additionally, drafts from the existing make-up air HVAC system were drawing smoke and grease, that should have been contained within the cooking exhaust hood, and depositing them onto the diffuser, walls ceilings and other kitchen surfaces requiring more than $1,000 annually in maintenance labor and cleaning compounds. Here's a quick look at the problem and solution.

The entire story can be found at "Fabric HVAC Diffuser Retrofit a 5-Star Solution for 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Restaurant."