Commercial VRV/VRF: Information Builds Acceptance

June 9, 2016
VRV and VRF type comfort products continue to make inroads into the commercial HVAC channel for commercial building customers, as contractors learn the features and benefits of these products.

ABOUT THIS GALLERY: Since our first in-depth look at the popularity and applications of VRV/VRF comfort products (see online:, much more comfortable, “ductless” air has provided comfort for people at work in buildings across the U.S. For this two-part series, we spoke with a select group of non-ducted product manufacturing executives to hear their thoughts on the continued acceptance of VRV/VRF products.

WATCH FOR PART 2, COMING SOON! We get technical, and look at specification challenges, measuring VRV/VRF system efficiency, energy usage, and installation challenges and solutions.