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    Chiller Systems Group Hosts 100+ at Annual Meeting

    May 30, 2018
    More than 110 members, guests and sponsors attended the three-day meeting.

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL — INDUSTRIAL COOLING, INC. of Freeport, NY hosted the 24TH Annual Meeting of the Chiller Systems Group (CSG) April 25-27, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale. Industrial Cooling is the premier independent central chiller service contractor in Manhattan.

    CSG, founded by the late Robert H. Owens of Owens Companies, Inc. in conjunction with Pat Rucker of Entech Sales and Service of Dallas Texas in 1994, represents the best and brightest of the Independent Central Chiller Service organizations in the country.

    More than 110 members, guests and sponsors attended the three-day meeting. The opening reception took place at the Riverside Hotel as attendees gathered for a sunny patio meet-and-greet. The meeting kicked off the next day with a full agenda of presentations by members and sponsors as well as committee reports, and updates.

    “Chiller Systems Group is going strong and is as relevant and important for the Independent Central Chiller Service providers as it was when my father and Pat Rucker founded it in 1994,” said John Owens, This is one of our largest turnouts, and we had to turn away some companies that wanted to be sponsors. Our members attend because of our technical focus.”

    Jeff Perez, service manager for ACCO Engineered Systems, Los Angeles, Calif., agreed. “We attend for the information that’s shared by other contractors, and the combined knowledge that’s represented here. And afterwards, you can call any of them for help. It’s a great team,” Perez said.

    Sponsor presentations were given by Bacharach, Bitzer, Financial Risk Solutions, Honeywell, MCS Controls, Midwest Parts, Optimum Energy, Summit Refrigerants, Scale Free Systems and Trane.

    Contractor members provided detailed narratives of chiller and other projects.

    Attendees received updates on some of the latest technologies related to the service, operation and upgrades of central chillers and plants. Included were multiple discussions on the ever-changing world of new and replacement refrigerants. 

    A highlight of the meeting was the presentation by member Vito Costanza of Industrial Cooling on the state-of-the-art TurboChyll HORIZON Control system Costanza's company developed for the control of steam-driven central chillers. This package is the GEN II of their very successful LeeF Chiller panel now offering API safety and the only IO-LINK network in chiller controlling. With nearly 100 TURBOCHYLL systems throughout Manhattan and beyond, these packages are setting a standard in reliability and efficiency throughout the Industry and serve as a demonstration of the independent CSG innovator's spirit.

    The next meeting of the Chiller Systems Group will be in the Spring of 2019 in Louisville, Ky., hosted by Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc. Final dates to be decided.

    For additional information or to apply for membership in the Chiller Systems Group, visit www.chillergroup.com