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    Oct. 11, 2023

    2019 HVAC Design/Build Awards: Crash Course in HVAC Quality

    Oct. 3, 2019
    Integrated Facility Services designed and installed a new HVAC and controls system to serve Hannibal High School, which did not have any type of pre-existing central air conditioning. Approved in April, it had to be completed in August. IFS got all As!

    The Hannibal School District of Missouri contracted St. Louis-based Integrated Facility Services (IFS) to design and install a completely new HVAC and controls system to serve Hannibal High School, which did not have any type of pre-existing central air conditioning. IFS also installed HVAC equipment and controls to serve portions of the Hannibal Career and Technical Center (HCTC).  

    The fast-track, $4.9 million renovation project was approved in April 2019 after voters passed a bond issue. It was essential that it be completed for the August start of the 2019-2020 school year.  

    Despite the large scope of the project and the condensed time frame, IFS successfully installed and started up 52 heat pumps 10 rooftop units (RTUs), two chillers, one fluid cooler, seven boilers, 27 fan terminal units, 30 dual duct boxes, and all pumps, peripherals and controls in less than 12 weeks.

    Assignment: Comfort
    Improving comfort for more than 1,100 students and staff was the primary focus of this project. Since the high school did not have air conditioning in most of the building,  the school closed an average of eight days each year due to temperatures that were too extreme for comfort.

    Cost/Budgetary Mandate Leads to Controls Selection
    Controlling costs and budget were of the utmost importance. IFS selected equipment with integrated BACnet interfaces, which allowed the controls engineers to monitor and control equipment effectively without the added cost of additional controls. IFS's standard control sequences include energy-saving measures such as optimum start and stop, demand limits and resets, as well as night setup and setback.


    Hannibal Public School District’s Hannibal High School, Career Center and Technical Center.

    Mechanical Contractor: Integrated Facility Services, St. Louis, Mo.

    Contract amount: $4.9 million renovation, HVAC system and controls.
    Duration: April 5 to August 25, 2019.

    Team Leaders:
    Kurt Voss PE, Vice President of Engineering: Mechanical Project Engineer
    Jay Edwards – Mechanical Project Engineer
    Ryan Gowert – Mechanical Project Engineer
    Dan Salomon, Senior Vice President: Mechanical Project Engineer
    Lee Tiberghien: Mechanical Project Manager

    Daikin DOAS
    Daikin Heat Pumps
    Carrier Rooftop Units
    Reliable Controls
    Lochinvar Boilers
    Marley Fluid Cooler
    Yaskawa Frequency Drives
    Taco Pumps


    Eyes on Energy Efficiency
    Energy efficiency comparisons are difficult to measure when a significant amount of the equipment did not previously exist. However, IFS mechanical engineers and control engineers worked hard to select equipment and control it in such a way that is mindful of energy consumption.

    Rerouting Ductwork Without Structural Changes
    The ductwork and equipment had to be installed in the 90-year-old high school building without changes in structural work. Special consideration was taken for the routing of the ductwork from the Dedicated Outside Air Systems to the classrooms. IFS was able to establish a duct path from each unit to provide fresh air for 43 classrooms. The path chosen minimized the amount of chase walls that were required to conceal the ductwork.

    In addition, the very tight schedule created a major project challenge. The key to completing the project within schedule was diligent project management and constant communication between trades.

    The piping that served all 52 water-source heat pumps was installed using Victaulic and ProPess fittings, which reduced the install time of each fitting. In the Boiler room, IFS Paired up with Victualic’s virtual design team. The team came to the job site, set up a 3D scan of the boiler room and provided IFS with cut sheets for more than 150 fittings for prefab of the Victaulic piping. From scan to piping on site was just a three-week turnaround. From conception to completion, the project time frame was less than five months, from April 5 to August 25, 2019. Construction and installation was completed in three months.   

    Lee Tiberghein is manager of IFS’s Mid-Missouri Operations. He served as project manager for this project.