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MSCA Announces Energy Summit

MSCA Announces Energy Summit

This program will provide commercial HVAC contractors skills they need for a competitive advantage in the lucrative energy services market.

Scheduled for May 5-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) believes the 2014 Energy Summit program will provide commercial service contractors with the skills necessary to ensure a competitive advantage in the lucrative energy services market.


Taught by a team of mechanical service contractors and industry experts with plenty of real-world experience, attendees will learn about practical and proven techniques that can be utilized every day to successfully capture energy services business for their companies.

Day 1 will feature a special presentation on the EPA’s new "Portfolio Manager," the value of benchmarking buildings, understanding what a building’s ENERGY STAR score means, and how energy services can help grow a business and enhance your company’s value to your customers who are always looking for long term savings opportunities. You will then prepare for the building walkthrough where you will identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and find out what it takes to develop the “eagle eye” needed to zero in on building energy sappers.

The focus of Day 2 will be a comprehensive discussion of energy service agreements (ESAs) and a demonstration of MSCA’s own Energy Solutions Profile (ESP) for creating custom energy reports to include in your sales proposals. Teams will compete to present the best ESA, and their skills will be tested in identifying ECMs. The program will conclude with a recap of the building walk-through, tips on developing the ideal customer proposal, and making the sale.

Special presenters will be:
Russell Borst, Hurst Industries, Belmont, MI.
Thom Brazel, Ruthrauff Service LLC, Pittsburgh, PA.
Dr. Sherri L. Levin, MBA, CPA, lead trainer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program.
Woody Woodall, Sauer Building Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA.


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