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Whats driving the trends in HVAC this year (Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images)
<p>What&#39;s driving the trends in HVAC this year?</p>

The Next Big Trends in HVAC

What’s happening next in the HVAC industry? Chances are that if you’re a contractor, this is something on your mind every day. On our sister site, HPAC Engineering, they looked at five of the trends driving the HVAC industry from HIS Technology.

Some of the trends are obvious and always-pressing. For instance, there aren’t many HVAC contractors who haven’t been following the regulation debate. However, did you know technology is coming to make the entire energy cycle, including HVAC, the building it is housed in and even the city where the building is located, more energy efficient?

If you thought your building’s new-found level of intelligence ended at your ability to control the temperature, you may be surprised to learn about the potential for smart buildings, the smart grid and even smart cities. IHS said new, smarter technology will be taking center stage this year as everyone continues the battle for efficiency.

There are more points of data than ever, allowing for better measurement via big data and analytics. The grid can communicate with individual buildings, and cities can adopt technology to see trends across all of its buildings.

IHS said the grand hope is that all HVAC systems and even household controls can be made to run at a time when demand is low and less stress will be put on the grid. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing (or have already heard) about your city’s interest in this brand of efficient technology.

Visit HPAC Engineering to read more about 2015’s trends. What do you foresee the year’s big HVAC trends being? Let us know; we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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