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Panasonic, Locbit Combine Forces for Smart Building Offering

Panasonic, Locbit Combine Forces for Smart Building Offering

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America has introduced a powerful building automation system solution combining Panasonic’s expertise as a manufacturer of reliable system components with Locbit Inc.’s cloud platform. Locbit Inc. is a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT), with a cloud platform that helps create operational business efficiencies for commercial enterprise clients.

The ability to analyze data and automatically adjust devices allows businesses to realize the benefits of business automation, energy usage and risk management. Panasonic.

IoT has enabled a multitude of devices to be seamlessly connected across a network allowing communications through the sending and receiving of data. The ability to analyze the data and automatically adjust devices allows businesses to realize the benefits of business automation, energy usage and risk management.

Panasonic water leak detection monitor. Panasonic.

“Recognizing the burgeoning opportunities in green initiatives, Panasonic’s new Building Automation Systems is a logical progression joining a family of eco solutions, alternative energy technologies and products, and most importantly, seasoned expertise in sustainability,” comments Kent Ikeda, Director Office Products Business Division. “By utilizing Locbit’s Energy Management System, Panasonic’s Building Automation System’s platform can help companies realize significant energy savings,” further notes Ikeda.

Panasonic lighting monitor. Panasonic.

“Panasonic and Locbit have the same objective in providing a building automation platform that allows businesses to create customized solutions making energy conservation and building energy management more accessible, and more importantly, more efficient,” said Locbit CEO and founder, Boian Spassov. “Panasonic and Locbit are rapidly developing IoT solutions which are converging Business Automation, Risk Management and Energy Efficiency under one platform. We are honored and excited to have Panasonic become one of our major platform partners," Spassov said.

Panasonic will target hospitality, retail, food services, healthcare, grocery retailers and convenience store sectors providing unprecedented insight into the practice of efficiency in building automation systems.

Panasonic’s building automation system, coupled with Locbit’s cloud platform provides a low cost solution which features Panasonic’s reliable wireless DECT technology and easy installation powered by Locbit’s Remote Cloud service focused on:

• Energy Management: save on energy costs and reduce energy waste with smart plugs and on/off switches to turn off devices that are not in use.

• Business Automation: manage, monitor and automate devices to improve performance and lower operational costs.

• Risk Management: Proactive response to potential problems including property damage and water leaks with real-time data and alerts.

About Panasonic System Communications Company of North America
Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA), Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, delivers reliable technology solutions for government and commercial enterprises, nonprofit organizations, creative professionals and SMBs. Technologies include mobile computing devices and support services, point-of-sale solutions, video surveillance systems, video evidence capture and management solutions, professional displays, projectors, digital signage, video production equipment, and office communications and productivity solutions.

To learn more call 877-803-8492 or visit

About Locbit
Locbit is an internet of things software company that is dedicated to saving energy, improving operational efficiency, and eliminating risk due to system failures. From our founding to our implementation across hotel, manufacturing, retail and other industries, Locbit is rapidly expanding to help companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals. For more information about Locbit and its business automation products and services, please call 858-412-4199 or visit their website at

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