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Pre-Show Perk: 'Smart Buildings' E-Book

Many of you attending the AHR Expo Jan. 22-24 will be seeking information on smart homes and buildings. Our FREE DIGITAL E-BOOK —The Rise of Smart Buildings — is a great place to start, and you can get it today. It provides valuable insight into the growing popularity and increasing benefits of smart technology.

From sensors and connected devices, to data-driven decision support systems, today’s smart building technologies are changing the game. Here’s your guide to the latest innovations and applications, including proactive maintenance, energy management, and lighting control.

We've collected the writings of leading smart technology experts, whose articles have appeared in Contracting BusinessCONTRACTOR and HPAC Engineering.

Topics include proactive maintenance, energy management, and lighting control.

CLICK HERE to download "The Rise of Smart Buildings" today!


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