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Avery Dennison Expands Mechanical Insulation Tape Line

Aug. 30, 2018
A more durable release liner makes the tape easier to work with in the field. This tape features COLD TOUGH® adhesive.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes has introduced Fasson® 0808HP, a higher performance version of its Fasson 0808 mechanical insulation tape. The new product is engineered and upgraded with a more durable release liner which sources report makes the tape easier for building and mechanical contractors to work with and apply while in the field.

Fasson 0808HP is specially designed for taping joints and seams against moisture, vapor foil jacketing facing, and faced thermal blankets (FSK). Its foil facestock is married to the popular COLD TOUGHTM acrylic adhesive, which allows installation at temperatures as low as 0F. Once bonded, it can endure excessive heat and humidity levels, while inhibiting mold growth with antimicrobial additives.

“We’re always seeking ways to improve product performance, and in turn the customer experience. In this instance we received feedback from the field that technicians dealing with extreme environments were having difficulties handling the standard 0808, so we went to work on developing a solution and arrived at providing a thicker, more durable liner,” said Kevin Rinehart, product manager, Building and Construction, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes North America. “The new liner has allowed them ease-of-use when tearing and handling the tape prior to application,” he concluded.

Aside from the more durable release liner, Fasson 0808HP shares the same list of features as Avery Dennison's 0808 tape product:

 ● A specially formulated antimicrobial, extreme weather, low VOC, acrylic adhesive

 ● Excellent adhesion and quick stick

 ● Application temperature as low as 0ÅãF

 ● A foil facing common to the mechanical insulation industry

 ● UL 723 certified.

 ● PSA compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Rule 1168

The current product, Fasson 0808, will remain available to customers who prefer the lighter-weight liner.

More information about Fasson mechanical insulation tapes can be found at tapes.averydennison.com.