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Daikin Introduces Rebel Applied™ Rooftop HVAC System

Sept. 17, 2019
Company sources report the Rebel Applied is the only rooftop HVAC system to meet ASHRAE’s standard for leading performance in airflow design.

Daikin introduced Rebel Applied™ to the mechanical HVAC market on September 10, calling it the only rooftop HVAC system to meet ASHRAE's standard for leading performance in airflow design. The system also features a high-efficiency motor, compressor and other components. And it is small, light and highly customizable, making Rebel Applied ideal for retrofitting buildings, and delivering superior comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy savings.  

"We know that one-size-fits-all doesn't work with retrofits," said Kirk Thorne, executive vice president at Daikin Applied. "Engineers and contractors need to be able to design around their exact application, but rooftop systems with the necessary configurability have been limited. Rebel Applied fills that void while setting a new benchmark for performance."

Rebel Applied is the first packaged rooftop system to achieve an ASHRAE Standard 111 Class 6 air-leakage rating at +/-6 inches or 0.5 percent at design airflow.

Rebel Applied is the first packaged rooftop system to achieve an ASHRAE Standard 111 Class 6 air-leakage rating at +/-6 inches or 0.5 percent at design airflow. Through a defined testing procedure, the standard validates the effectiveness of the unit casing, ensuring it is built to minimize energy use and perform as stated. To further boost efficiency, Rebel Applied is designed to eliminate energy-robbing direct conduction paths. It far exceeds U.S. Department of Energy requirements in place through 2023 as well, with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) over 11.0 and integrated EER (IEER) up to 17.0.

Another key feature is the Rebel Applied's compact footprint, which is up to 37 percent shorter in length and 30 percent lighter than legacy rooftop units (RTUs). Plus, it has a base channel that adapts to several different types of curbs that connect RTUs to ductwork and electrical systems. As a result, it eliminates the need for a transition curb, which inflates installation time and costs, when replacing most existing units. 

Rebel Applied also puts thermal comfort and control directly into the hands of building managers. With high-efficiency direct expansion refrigeration technology mated to a flexible air-handler casing that includes heating and IAQ controls, users get the benefits of a packaged unit with the flexibility to customize efficiency and filtration settings, for example. That means Rebel Applied can be tailored to serve facilities with distinct needs, from offices and hospitals to schools and retail stores. And when equipped with Daikin Intelligent Equipment® remote monitoring, managers can adjust ventilation, pressurization, and space temperature and humidity, among hundreds of other variables — from any connected device, in real time.

"Deliver industry-leading design and efficiency, and maintain the flexibility contractors and operations personnel have come to rely on — that was the focus of our development efforts," said Matt Dodds, product manager for Applied Air Handlers. "Rebel technologies have broken new ground since we introduced premium, high-IEER units to the rooftop market in 2012. We're changing the landscape again with this next generation." 

Daikin Applied will build the equipment at a new manufacturing facility in southern Minnesota, scheduled to start production this month. Designed specifically to support Rebel Applied, the build-to-order factory is a center of manufacturing excellence with advanced fabrication and automation technologies to optimize production quality. The facility will significantly broaden the company's manufacturing capacity in the United States.

For more information on Rebel Applied Packaged Rooftop Systems, and other commercial HVAC equipment and services, visit Daikin Applied