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HLR is designed to help HVAC systems save energy enVerid
<p>HLR is designed to help HVAC systems save energy.</p>

System Hopes to Make HVAC Systems More Efficient, Less Expensive

The system of filtering air from the outside and heating or cooling it for those within a building is an expensive one. In terms of HVAC costs, this may be where contracting businesses have noticed their customers see some of the biggest ongoing expenditures. However, one company is looking to make the filtration process green friendly, efficient and cheap.

HPAC Engineering’s Hal Conick wrote about enVerid, a company that creates a system called HLR (HVAC Load Reduction), which is designed to help HVAC systems save energy. This process uses air already within a building, cleans out the carbon dioxide and organic gasses with an intelligent scrubber and returns the air back into circulation.

HLR’s process is one that, [enVerid CEO Udi] Meirav admitted, is easy to describe but not easy to do. It’s especially difficult to remove CO2 from a building, as the technology simply has not been there to do this in a way that is cost-conscious.

“CO2 is hard to capture in a cost-effective way,” he said. “People have been doing it for decades, but it’s an expensive process due to energy usage and the materials used. They can do it easily in a small space like a submarine or spacecraft because they don’t worry about the cost. But doing this in a large building, you need to do things differently.”

Read more about the process and how Meirav found the technology on HPAC Engineering’s website.

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