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Unico iSeries installed computer room Unico

Unico iSeries Cools Special Needs Areas

Sources report the Unico iSeries is ideal for any application where low ambient cooling is required.

When the weather is cold outside, commercial and residential customers are cranking up the heat inside. Unico asks if you've given thought to those special spaces that need cooling year-round?  Computer rooms, medical storage areas, wine cellars and temperature-controlled display cases are good examples of spaces that require special consideration. 


Sources say the Unico iSeries is ideal for these applications. The iSeries outdoor inverter units can be paired with iSeries high-wall units to provide cooling for specialty situations. Installation can usually be done in a day.

Unico reports that, when paired with the iSeries outdoor inverter, laboratory testing shows these indoor units can achieve

  • 100% of rated capacity at outdoor temperatures down to 5F
  • At least 65% of rated capacity down to -15F
  • And, at more moderate temperatures, the system can achieve greater than 100% of rated capacity.

Check out the iSeries’ low ambient cooling performance data here.

The iSeries multi-splits operate with the outdoor unit at 18-20 SEER, providing tremendous energy savings. The splits also generate less than 23 decibels of sound, making them some of the quietest products in the industry. 

 The download below provides iSeries low ambient cooling performance data.


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