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We Still Love HVAC Design/Build. Do You?

COMMERCIAL HVAC contractors, we want to see one of your best recent HVAC Design/Build projects. Just. Design. Build. We must be allowed to identify the customer and provide a photo of the building exterior and mechanical room.

The Contracting Business HVAC Design/Build Awards recognizes excellence in new mechanical HVAC installations and building HVAC retrofits.

Design-Build Awards 2017.jpg

We are again issuing a call for entries, to be included in an upcoming fall series. And, as we have started to do recently, all qualified entries will be published, in a variety of size categories. 

Please submit your entry by September 16, 2019Projects must include high-res jpeg photographs taken with a quality camera, not a phone camera.

THIS IS RESTRICTED TO INDEPENDENT MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR TEAMS that use the Design/Build delivery method. Projects completed by or written by manufacturers, even if written for the contractor, will not be included. 

Click on DOWNLOAD below for all entry criteria.

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