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 What trends will drive business in the New Year (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)
<p>&nbsp;What trends will drive business in the New Year?</p>

What Business Trends Will Dominate 2015?

Lately, we’ve talked plenty about how small contracting businesses can use social media to help build their presence in 2015 and how these companies are becoming more confident. But what about the trends that will drive business in the New Year?

Each year, there’s something that throws a wrench in the plans of some businesses and helps many others. A post by Brittany Helmrich on Business News Daily spoke with small business executives from a variety of industries and tried to find what the biggest trends would be in growth, marketing, social media and more.

Here’s what two CEOs had to say about the work-life balance for employees in 2015:

"For years, companies were obsessed with making smarter devices that were portable so that we could connect to our work life from anywhere, at any time. We became technology addicts, and [being busy] became our form of existential reassurance. With several surveys revealing that over 90 percent of Americans feel they have a work-life-balance problem, we have finally decided that enough is enough. 2015 will see an increase in this rebellion against being always connected, always on. Businesses will put hard working-hour stops in place and provide tips to improve work-life balance, effectiveness, productivity and more. Hopefully, 2015 will bring much-needed balance to personal and professional technology usage." – Heinan Landa, CEO, Optimal Networks

"The belabored concept of work and life being two sides of one equation is out. With all aspects of life — including work, family, personal, etc. — blending into one, it is harmony — not balance — that employees should strive for. The phenomenon known as "homing from work" — employees completing personal tasks in the office — is found in 93 percent of today's professionals, and must be addressed by employers. So trash your 'no social media at work policy,' and get on board with the new normal with a modern take on workplace perks. Of course, small businesses might not be able to compete with the catered meals and on-site arcades of Google infamy, but they can certainly invest in a few small perks to make a big impact on engagement, retention and productivity." – Dr. Ann Clark, founder and CEO, ACI Specialty Benefits

Visit Business News Daily’s website to read the rest of these intriguing predictions for 2015. It could end up helping your contracting business survive and thrive in the New Year.

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