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From One-Time Customer to Regular, Part 2

May 3, 2017
How do you turn your one-time customers into regulars? These three steps will build on first impressions to develop customer loyalty.

Congratulations — you've gotten a new customer in the door! Now, how will you foster a relationship that turns this one-time customer into a loyal regular? In my first blog, I discussed how to start by getting new customers in the door and making them feel special.

Now that they feel cared for, how do you get them coming back for more? These next steps will move them from first impressions to recurring familiarity:

1. Create a unique collaboration. Providing real value to your new customers comes from being able to identify and address their needs — sometimes before they even realize what they are. Find out your customers' pain points and why they exist. When you know the emotional effect a problem has on your customers, you can work together to decide what would improve their situation.

2. Provide the unique solution. A good way to discover your new customer’s pain points is through social media. By providing simple solutions and advice on social media, your new customer will feel connected to your brand at all times. In fact, customers are 75% more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter. Reconfirm your new customer’s pain or opportunity point to let them know that you’ve heard them. Then, present a solution that only you — or your company — can uniquely fulfill.

3. Make the post-call debrief. After interacting with your new customer, do some internal review on the interaction. How intrigued with or provoked by your insight was your customer? Note how you could tell how your customer felt. Once you’ve given a self-diagnosis, initiate feedback from your manager to ensure more quality interactions happen in the future.

When you're equipped with these steps — and the first two ways to attract new customers that I mentioned — your one-time customers will quickly become your regulars. Are you maintaining your current customer relationships too?

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