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39 Questions HVAC Contractors Should Ask Themselves

July 13, 2017
You should be most reflective during the busy season, because the urgency of the day can lead to clarity in your answers.

July is not the time air conditioning contractors usually get reflective. You are too busy. But maybe this is exactly when you should be reflective, because the urgency of the day can lead to clarity in your answers

The important stands out and the trivial seems trivial.

 1. Why are you really in business? 

 2. If your business were perfect, how would your life be different?

 3. What would your perfect business look like, in detail?

4. How can you create it?

 5. What would you do if you did not need to work for a living?

 6. How would you describe your perfect lifestyle?

 7. How much money would you need to earn annually to enjoy your perfect lifestyle?

 8. What size business would provide the income needed for your perfect lifestyle?

 9. What do you, personally, really enjoy doing?

 10. What do you, personally, hate doing?

 11. What would you, personally, like to get better at?

 12. How could you do more of the things you love, less of the things you hate, and improve the things you want to get better at?

 13. What are you the most passionate about?

 14. What are all of the things you would like to experience during your life?

 15. Given what you have experienced to date, how likely is it you will experience the things you want? 

 16. If it is not likely, do you really want to experience them?

 17. If so, what do you need to do different?

 18. What would you like to improve about yourself? 

 19. What kind of person would you like to be?

 20. How can you improve the things you want to improve about yourself and become the person you would like to be?

 21. What type of people would you like to associate with?

 22. How can you spend more time with the type of people you want to associate with?

 23. Where do you spend your time valuably?

 24. Where do you spend your time frivolously?

 25. What are you hanging onto that you should let go of?

 26. What worries you most often?

 27. What frightens you the most?

 28. If the things that worry you the most often and frighten you the most were to occur, could you live with the results?

 29. What can you do to minimize your worries and overcome your fears?

 30. What, one thing, could improve your business or your life the most?

 31. How could you accomplish it?

 32. What, one thing, is holding you or your business back?

 33. How can you overcome it?

 34. How are you limiting yourself?

 35. If they were completely honest, how would others describe you?

 36. How would you like others to describe you?

 37. Are you letting others help you?

 38. Who could help you accomplish the things you want to do and become the person you want to be?

 39. What one thing could you do today to make your life better?

 Psychologist and motivational speaker, Denis Waitley said, “It takes just as much time to lead a good life as a bad one, so you might as well lead the best life you can.”

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Matt Michel was a co-founder and CEO of the Service Roundtable ( The Service Roundtable is an organization founded to help contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations, and profitability. The Service Nation Alliance is a part of this overall organization. Matt was inducted into the Contracting Business HVAC Hall of Fame in 2015. He is now an author and rancher.