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Transforming Leads into HVAC Sales

Aug. 15, 2017
From apprentices to drivers, everyone needs to shoulder the load of generating leads like their jobs depend on it.

Here are five essentials to turning leads into sales for your HVAC business.

Everyone is a lead generator in your company. From apprentices to drivers, everyone needs to shoulder the load of generating leads like their jobs depend on it. Because they do. Begin by sharing the vision in company meetings. Everyone should at the very least be able to share your company vision. Teach them the number one sign someone may be in need of your product or service.    

Treat every lead like gold. Leads are expensive and are often hard to come by. Speed is the name of the game in responding to leads. We live in a world of instant responses, so we have to respond to leads ASAP or our competition will beat us to it. Have a process in place for working with leads so you can maximize every opportunity. Prepare for sales calls and ensure that you stay in contact with the prospects.

There are no bad leads, only bad attitudes. If a prospect is contacting you, add them to your customer list. They may say they only need a small repair, but that gives you the opportunity to offer a maintenance agreement or build a relationship so you are the able to sell them full replacement when they are ready. After helping them, ask them to post to social media. A post about how you helped them with a small problem and didn’t push replacement can go a long way.

Two or three sales calls a day, is really all a contracting sales person can handle without dropping the ball on their other clientele. If they run more than 3 leads a day, they are probably not following up with other prospects from previous sales calls, not asking for leads and not visiting installs. The more leads they run a day, the less leads they will generate themselves and closing rates will drop.    

Track follow through. In football, a receiver has to watch the ball into their hands before turning up-field or they risk dropping the ball. Like a receiver, we have to make sure we complete each portion of the buying cycle before moving onto the next. Whether you use lead management software, Google Sheets or paper, you have got to track your leads all the way through the buying cycle.

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