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Ways to Motivate for Greater Job Satisfaction, Part 3

Dec. 1, 2017
Are you 'walking the walk'? Do you provide training? Is your work environment overwhelmingly positive? Each of these and more will motivate employees towards greater accomplishments.

The competition for excellent employees is fierce. Keep yours, by following these tips on how to motivate employees with workplace innovations that go beyond money.

Walk Your Talk
If you tell people to do as you say, but not as you do, not only will you be considered a hypocrite, you will destroy the morale of your business.  Whatever you expect others to do, you should demonstrate consistently.

People are more satisfied at work when they are learning new skills.  Training not only improves skills, performance, and knowledge, it improves morale.  Send people to outside training seminars.  Conduct internal training.  Subscribe to distance learning services. 


Fitness trackers are incredibly popular.  The reason for their popularity is fitness trackers gamify exercise.  Most people find it difficult to exercise, but easier when it’s turned into a game.
To gamify activities, set a challenge or competition.  Ensure there are rules.  Make sure you have a good tracking system in place.

Demonstrate Care
What are the little things you can do to show people you care? Sometimes this can be as simple as asking about a family member.  It could be as elaborate as buying a plane ticket for a valued member of your team to use to visit a distant relative. 


Make laughter acceptable. Let people kid around. Don’t be serious all of the time.

Make the Workplace Attractive
Give people an allowance for decorating their office space. This gives them a sense of ownership, which generates satisfaction. Carve off an office or part of the warehouse to create a lounge for your team. Include comfortable furniture, video games, and other games. This could be a basketball hoop outside the building, a foosball table, etc.

Dress for Comfort
When customers are present, everyone should dress for the customers. However, if customers are not present, allow people to dress for comfort. 

Encourage Socialization
When a group of employees want to engage in an activity together (e.g., bowling, softball, etc.), consider sponsoring it. Building relationships with co-workers outside of the office strengthens ties to the company.  It also increases satisfaction on the job.

Be Positive
Company owners and managers set the tone for the rest of the team. If the manager is angry, annoyed, or negative, the attitude infuses everyone.  It is very important for the team leaders to be positive, even when faced with adversity.  Just as a negative attitude impacts the entire team, so does a positive attitude. It’s always more satisfying to work in a positive environment.

Eliminate Energy Sinks
Every company is filled with energy sinks, which drain the energy from the business and suck the life out of the team.  Some energy sinks are customers.  When a customer becomes an energy sink, he usually costs you more money than you make from him.  Fire him.

Some energy sinks are market segments.  If you do a lot of residential work and a little commercial, but the commercial generates the majority of your problems, consider dropping commercial.

 Some energy sinks are people within your organization.  When an employee takes an inordinate amount of time and generates unnecessary drama, it might be time to move on.  Typically, the rest of the team expresses relief when this decision is finally made, which they considered overdue.

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