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    How to Overcome the '3-Bid' Objection

    Aug. 29, 2019
    There is a specific strategy to overcome the 'We want to get 3 bids' objection when closing home service sales.

    If you've spent any time in the home services industry, you've experienced this before. You've gone through your sales presentation and "BAM!", the customer hits you with "We are not ready to make a decision because we want to get 3 bids for the project."

    What you might not know is there is a very specific strategy you can use to overcome this customer objection and close the sale, virtually every time. New York Times Best Selling Author and Contracting Business Expert Weldon Long has shared his bulletproof step-by-step process for crushing this customer objection, complete with detailed kitchen table role-play videos, and it's now available to you for free courtesy of EGIA Contractor University.

    Click on the image below for your free copy of the "Overcoming 3 Bids" video mini-course.