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Power Selling Pros Provides Free Crisis Management Resources

April 14, 2020
Resources are largely related to effective customer outreach and communication. (Photo: Hill Street Studios/iStock/GettyImagesPlus)

Power Selling Pros is offering free resources to HVAC contractors struggling with how to better serve homeowners in an uncertain economic time.

“The HVAC industry is hurting, but we’re all in this together,” said PSP President Brigham Dickinson. “This is an opportunity to step up and serve others. My team and I are ready to provide contractors with the tools to help their customers in ways that enrich their lives and create long-term brand loyalty.”

'Inspire your CSRs to serve, not just hawk IAQ and other services.'
— Brigham Dickinson

Power Selling Pros is a coaching and training company dedicated to teaching HVAC businesses to "wow" more customers by offering regular coaching, in-person training, call monitoring and certification. The company’s one-on-one training process empowers customer service representatives and technicians with the confidence they need to book more calls and create success for their businesses.

The resources include:

  • CSR inbound script for COVID-19 cancellations
  • Technician in-home script for uncertain homeowners
  • Outbound calling framework
  • Outbound calling script for happy calls and offering IAQ products
  • Audio file for an example outbound call
  • Audio file for an example inbound call

To receive them, text “POWER” to 385-247-3714. 

Dickinson has a powerful message for HVAC business owners: True success in these times requires more than pushing employees to sell. Owners need to step up and lead their teams in ways that inspire total customer engagement.

“Success requires a more radical approach than salesmanship,” Dickinson said.“Inspire your CSRs to serve, not just hawk IAQ and other services. Go further to help your customers than your competitors. If you have extra toilet paper, give some to a customer who needs it. Or your techs can offer to do the shopping for an elderly client. Look for ways to better serve, and you'll build rewarding long-term relationships with customers who will be loyal to you for life.”

PSP is supplementing the free resources with its new Your People program — to assist HVAC contractors and their teams as they practice all of those free scripts and more through eight consecutive weeks of live virtual group coaching. They can start training now and not pay anything for 30 days.