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EGIA’s Cracking the Code Weekly Show: How to Become a Top-Performing Technician

July 3, 2020
Key ingredients are mindset, goal setting, and investing in personal and professional growth.

There are many traits that make up a good technician: communication, likability, and confidence are all skills that can make them valuable to the homeowners and, of course, to their own company.

This week, Gary Elekes teaches the secret sauce to becoming a top-performing technician, including mindset, goal setting, and how to invest in personal and professional growth. 

Plus, get a look inside EGIA's new virtual coaching series, Seizing the Summer, that delivers in-depth training and best practices to help contractors succeed this summer and beyond.

All that and more on this week's Cracking the Code, available free for all until July 7. Watch now at

About the Author

Gary Elekes | President

Gary Elekes is the president of EPC Training, co-founder of iMarket Solutions, an HVAC and plumbing contractor, and a recognized expert in lead generation and contracting with more than 30 years of experience in the trades. He is also a founding faculty member of EGIA Contractor University, which provides contractors with the training, tools and resources to build the business and life of their dreams.
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