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Coming Soon: 'Millionaire Mindset' Workshop for HVAC Business Owners

April 22, 2021
Save the date: May 25. This free, virtual workshop for readers of Contracting Business and CONTRACTOR magazines shares how to focus and execute on your most important wealth priorities on a daily basis.

The residential HVAC business can be tough. There are a lot of moving parts. Expenses for rent, insurance, vehicles, marketing, unemployment, etc. hit you every time you turn around. Yet, we see contractors every day figuring out the secret sauce to creating real wealth and prosperity for their families in our industry. What’s the secret?

It's been around for a thousand years, and EGIA Contractor University is very excited to reveal this information to ensure you know what the wealthiest people in the country have known for generations. It’s the Millionaire Mindset. And it’s the foundation on which every financial empire has ever been built. When you have the Millionaire Mindset you have the keys to the kingdom of success in your business.

Please join EGIA on May 25, from 1:00 to 2:45 ET, and New York Times bestselling author and EGIA Contractor University founding faculty member Weldon Long, as he shares the secrets of success in a complimentary presentation of The Millionaire Mindset.

Mr. Long is a residential HVAC expert, author and successful entrepreneur, and we are very excited to bring the readers and subscribers of Contracting Business and Contractor Magazine this powerful and transformational program.