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    Rehashing Summertime Leads

    June 4, 2021
    It can take five closing attempts to make a sale. Be certain your sales team is persistent with lead follow-ups.
    80% of leads don't close until the fifth time they're contacted, yet 48% of contractors stop reaching out after only one attempt. This week, we continue the "Seizing the Summer" training series with Weldon Long as he explains the importance of a consistent follow-up process to make the most of every lead this peak season.
    Weldon dives into a statistical breakdown of just how much extra revenue you can generate from the leads by following up with leads you already have and introduces the Rehash Leads app that helps streamline the follow-up process.All that and more on this week’s episode ofCracking the Code,
    free for all until 6/11 at EGIA.org/CBS-Show.