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    Peterman Bros.
    The Peterman Brothers new truck wrap was designed by KickCharge Creative.

    Contractor of Excellence: Peterman Brothers

    July 14, 2021
    This leading Midwest HVAC and plumbing company has rebranded in honor of its family history.

    INDIANAPOLIS – June 29, 2021 – Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, a leading HVAC and plumbing company serving the Greater Indianapolis area, has announced a name change to reflect its heritage as a long-time family business.

    Now called Peterman Brothers, the company is led by President Chad Peterman, 34 and Tyler Peterman, 31, two brothers who have put the company firmly on their second-generation shoulders. They're carrying that weight successfully, too. This month they were named Bryant HVAC's 2021 Dealer of the Year.

    “Being named as the 2021 Bryant Dealer of the Year means that we are doing things the right way,” said Chad Peterman. “It is not what we do, but how we do it. We are committed to providing our people and customers with the best customer experience possible.”

    All technicians are certified through the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program.

    Their dad Pete Peterman founded the company in 1986. The company now has locations in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Columbus, Muncie and Bloomington. This  family business offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with any new installation of HVAC equipment. All technicians are certified through the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program and are fully bonded and insured. 

    "My brother and I are proud of the company that our father, Pete Peterman, built from the ground up,” Chad continued. “With this name change, we wanted to celebrate our family history and mark our 35th year serving the residents of Indianapolis.”

    The rebranding includes the launch of a revamped website, and the company’s fleet of vans is being outfitted with fresh new branding and wraps.

    Academic Excellence 

    Peterman Brothers  supports the development of skilled workers through its Peterman Top Tech Academy, a trade school dedicated to restoring honor and
    tradition to the skilled trades. The third, 12-week session is to start soon. To date they have turned out 30 new employees. They have had more than 900 applicants. Their messaging around the Academy includes a strong emphasis on the earning potential of HVAC technicians. 

    Some Things Never Change

    The company’s name may have changed, but its customers can still expect the same dedication to providing stellar service, Tyler Peterman said.

    “Our formula for success has been simple: Peterman Brothers is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. That was Dad’s focus when he founded the company, and it will remain our focus in the years ahead.”

    Chad eventually decided he wanted to be part of the family business a short time after college, and started there in 2011. Tyler knew all along that's what he wanted to do, and has been on board since 2013.

    "After college and after doing some growing up, I realize the opportunity that was present in the business. I got into it, and have fallen in love with it," Chad said.

    Tyler worked at shop in the summers during high school and college. He started in a short time following graduation. He also obtained a plumbing license along the way.

    Peterman Brothers has a strong presence on local radio, TV and print. The truck wraps and branding designed by KickCharge Creative ties everything together. The key ingredient is their message of familiarity: "What you see is what you get. You know us, and we will stand behind everything we do," Chad said. 

    Currently, approximately 40 of the company's 195-vehicle fleet carry the new wrap design.  

    Many successful heating and air conditioning company owners will speak about the importance of family, and of fostering a family environment within their organization. It’s a common theme, and perhaps a bit hokey for some, but it’s an important truth that works. The same is true at Peterman Brothers.

    “Our emphasis is on family,” Chad says. “Often, when Tyler and I talk about growing up, one thing we can always remember is dad being there for everything we did. We played every sport under the sun and we played a lot of it. We never really understood it then, but obviously we understand it now, that his priority was for his family. Even if that meant going to work late into the night after the ballgame, he was going to get the work done, take care of the customer, get to his family, and then take care of any customers that still needed to be taken care of.

    “Ultimately, we still try to live that out, by making sure that our service, dependability and trust we have with our customers allows them to spend time with their families rather than worrying about an air conditioner going down at the wrong time and they have to be pulled away to do something else. Their time should be spent with their families in that instance. Really, that’s what we’re here to do: keep our customers and their families safe and make sure their heating, cooling and plumbing are working properly through maintenance. And if something does arise, we want to be there to get the customer taken care of so they can get back to spending time with their family. It all works in a circle.

    “We feel our biggest differentiator is that family is most important, and we try to treat our customers, employees and everyone who comes in contact with the company as family and make sure their taken care of.”

    This team is also focused on building leaders and the importance of leadership.

    In a morning address to employees, Chad Peterman spoke on the “catalyst of leadership,” and what a leader means to the team, and how each employee can adopt a leadership role.

    “As we think of our job as a leader, it’s there to inspire, and inspiration brings impact. What are your people going to say about you as a leader? Will they say they like working with you? Will they say they’re inspired by you? Will they say there have been days when you haven’t been at your best and they lifted you up to a point where you could perform better? Thinking back at your time playing athletics, what were the characteristics of that coach that you loved playing for? What did they do that made you want to run a little bit harder and jump a little bit higher, stay after practice and do a little bit extra? Ultimately, they made an impact on you. They allowed you to break through your perceived ceiling.  And that’s what leadership is all about.”