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Prioritizing During Busy Times for High Performance and Productivity

July 16, 2021
Time constraints posed by summer business activity can be overcome by three habits that will help you increase productivity.

The summer busy season is the most important time for contracting business leaders to prioritize their time to do what matters most for the performance and productivity of their organizations. 

This week, EGIA coach Rob Shallenberger helps you streamline your tasks and concentrate your focus to establish a high-performance culture that gets the most important things done. Rob teaches you 3 habits that you can implement within your business that can increase your performance and productivity by 30-50%.

Plus, get an inside look at EGIA's EPIC2021 conference, the Ultimate Educational Experience for Contractors, October 28-29 in Las Vegas.

All that and more on this week’s episode of Cracking the Code, free for all until 7/23 at