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EGIA's 'Cracking the Code': Dealer Fees & Why You Should Offer Financing Every Time

June 17, 2022
Learn how to develop power brokers within your company, and the value of offering financing.

Your professional networks can have a profound impact on your success as a business owner. 

This week, the OPTIMUS Financing team is joined by special guests, Danielle Putnam, President of The New Flat Rate and Claire Degenhardt, Senior Account Executive with GreenSky, to discuss where and how to find and develop potential business partnerships.

During their discussion, you'll learn how to develop your own power brokers within your company, the importance of developing potential business partners, and how financing can expand your business.

All that and more on this week's episode of Cracking the Code, free for all until 6/24 at MyContractorUniversity.com/CBS-Show.