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Terry McIver
David Heimer, left, and Matt Michel announce their retirement from leadership of Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance.

New Chapter for Industry Leaders, Organizations

Oct. 31, 2022
Matt Michel and David Heimer announced they are stepping down from leadership roles at Service Roundtable.

A major leadership transition was announced during the  October, 2022 Service World Expo, when Matt Michel and David Heimer, key influencers in the formation, growth and development of Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance, announced that they would be stepping down to focus on new pursuits. 

Michel and Heimer have guided or initiated every major offering and milestone at business-building organizations Service Roundtable (launched in 2002) and Service Nation (launched in 2008). But they felt their farewell would not have been complete without thanking others who helped to make it all possible. They acknowledged their initial investors and advisors and shined a spotlight on those who remain in leadership.

They began by recognizing Service Roundtable's founding members and investors:

  • Bill Anderson
  • Pete Arvan
  • Mitch Cropp
  • Scott Deming
  • Mike Hajduk
  • David Heimer
  • Randy Hilton
  • Louis Hobaica
  • Paul Hobaica
  • Gib Hoxie
  • Jim & Ramona Huffman
  • Stan Johnson
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Raulee Macus
  • Don & Mary Jeane Michel
  • Matt Michel
  • Jim Nicholas
  • Tom Quatroni
  • Lee Rosenberg
  • Steve Saunders
  • Jimmy Shafer
  • Kevin Shaw
  • Ron Smith
  • Larry Taylor
  • Garry Upton
  • Ed Wolfe
  • Rick Wylie.
David Heimer, left, and Matt Michel announce their retirement from leadership of Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance.Terry McIver

Once sufficient funding was secured, Heimer and Michel worked four hours each weeknight for six months, to complete the game plan of Service Roundtable, which today serves more than 5,000 member companies. 

But without others on the team, that work would have been for naught. Janet Thomasson served as chief of staff until her retirement. "She kept the company straight administratively, kept me straight, managed billing, data entry, and much much more," Michel said.

Heimer praised Liz Patrick, who recently retired as vice president of Strategic Alliances. "Liz built Roundtable Rewards, the largest contractor buying group in the service trades," he said. "Today, those members receive millions of dollars in loyalty and growth rebates from more than 140 strategic partners each quarter."

The Retail Contractor Coalition, Roundtable Rewards and Service Nation Alliance were added in 2008. 

Service Nation is now owned by EverCommerce. Michel said there were many interested buyers over the years, but they chose EverCommerce because of the fit, culture and financial strength it brought to the deal. The new owners have not messed with the formula.

"This year we launched Alliance Premier, a training, coaching, and mentoring program with coaches coming primarily from the ranks of contractors who have built and sold their companies.  These are the people who have been there, done it, and have the skins on the wall to prove it, Heimer said.

"Our mission has always been “to help contractors improve their business and financial performance, leading to a profitable exit strategy. One of the things we are most proud of is how our members have consistently outpaced the industry growth rate," Michel said.

SR and SN will be led by Tom Peregrino, a contractor who joined the Service Nation Alliance, became Contractor of the Year, sold his business, joined Service Nation, and built the Alliance Premier program.

Consultant Jim Hinshaw will manage vertical markets and oversee Alliance Premier.

Pete Danielson, and ex-contractor member of Service Nation Alliance who built and sold his company, will head up marketing.

Bob Viering, also a successful ex-contractor, heads up Alliance programs.

Andrew Kissel runs information technology. He worked with the organization in the early days of Service Nation as a consultant and led the development of  

Peter Galanek leads the Roundtable Rewards program. Stephanie Fritz  leads the company’s sales efforts.

Sarah Blackhall started with the company as an intern and today manages the graphics designers and is events manager.  

 Carol Longacre joined Service Nation from her family’s contracting business. With a background that includes leadership positions in local and state trade associations, she is well suited to work with the dozens of state and local associations that have affiliated and aligned with the Service Roundtable.

 Heimer and Michel said it is because of this team that Service Nation has been recognized by the Dallas 100, Fort Worth’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies, the Aggie 100, and Inc. 5000, including multiple showings as one of the top 75 business service companies in the nation.

"This is the team who will drive Service Nation forward to an even better future as part of Evercommerce, a publicly traded company," Michel concluded. "The future is bright for this team and bright for Service Nation, including the Service Roundtable, Retail Contractor Coalition, Service Nation Alliance, Alliance Premier, Roundtable Rewards, the Service World Expo, and all of you. For all of support and patronage over the past 20 years, thank you."

David Heimer said he will be launching a new podcast app, and building a small company around it. Matt Michel will continue to write, and speak at events and write some books.    

I wish to thank the entire team for their past support of Contracting Business and our HVAC Comfortech Show, which was closed in 2017, after 15 great years. Best wishes to David, Matt, and to the Service Roundtable and Service Nation teams.