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EGIA "Seizing the Summer" Series Begins

June 6, 2023
Weekly, time-friendly videos will occur over the next 14 weeks, to help contractors make the most of summer business. Free 30-day trial for non-members of EGIA Contractor University.
Egia Seizing Summer 647f397e6f983

SACRAMENTO, Ca. (June 5, 2023) – Contractor University powered by EGIA, the nonprofit trade association dedicated to contractors’ success, has officially launched the third installment of its annual Seizing the Summer series to help contractors thrive during the high-demand summer busy season.

The 14-segment video training series will deliver a weekly 20-30 minute training video from Contractor University’s acclaimed trainers and business coaches on a wide range of topics specifically tailored to address the unique challenges contractors face throughout the summer months. Each expert-led training segment features proven strategies that can be immediately implemented to succeed in a competitive summer market. From lead generation and effective sales techniques to optimizing operations and maximizing revenue, contractors gain access to invaluable insights that can help them fully capitalize on the opportunities the summer brings.

Topics are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges contractors face throughout the summer months. 

"We understand the unique challenges that contracting business owners face during the summer season, and that's why we created the Seizing the Summer series” said EGIA CEO Bruce Matulich. “This comprehensive training program is designed to equip our members with the knowledge, strategies, and practical insights they need to fully capitalize on the summer rush. By utilizing these training videos, our contracting business members can gain a competitive edge, optimize their operations, and maximize their profits during this critical time of year."

The Seizing the Summer series begins June 5, 2023, with a new episode airing every Monday through September 5, 2023. Over the 14-week span, Contractor University members will have access to all-new training videos on the following topics:

  • Developing a Summer Execution Plan
  • Budget Strategy for a Digital Marketing Plan During Summer
  • Employee Training During Peak Season • Promoting from Within During Expansion
  • Retaining Your New Summer Customers for Life
  • How to Let Your Labor Know that You Care
  • Pricing for Seasonality
  • Executing the Perfect Service Call When It’s Hot
  • Lead Turnover – Should the Tech Sell it or Turn it Over?
  • Technical Tactics – Maximizing Opportunities and not Compromising When it Gets Busy
  • Strategies on How Not to Run out of Key Service Parts
  • Building on Summer Sales • Exception Reports – Red Flags When It’s Red Hot
  • How Did We Do? – Communicating Summer Results

Contractors who are not currently members of EGIA Contractor University can access a free 30-day trial to access the Seizing the Summer training series - and thousands of other helpful business training tools and resources featured on the Contractor University online platform - by visiting

EGIA is a nonprofit organization that empowers home services contractors to get the most out of their businesses through industry-leading training, financing and marketplace solutions. Its Contractor University offers access to the industry’s most recognized educators, who deliver innovative keys to success through online training systems, in-person workshops, conferences and webinars. 

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