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A2L Refrigerants are Coming. Use Them.

June 28, 2024
Instead of griping about A2L refrigerants, use them as a call to action for people to replace now, rather than wait.

Everyone in the HVAC industry is aware of the A2L refrigerants are on the way, but none of your customers are likely to have a clue. Likewise, they are probably completely unaware of the massive price increase A2L will bring to replacements. Let them know now!

Prices Will Rise

Over the last five years, system replacement costs have skyrocketed for the homeowner. First, there were the supply chain issues that drove prices higher. This was followed by the SEER2 mandate. Again, prices went up. They are poised to rise again with the A2L refrigerants.

How much will prices rise? Rumors have been rampant that equipment prices will jump as much as 25% to 30%! That’s 30% more than the already high prices. Lately, manufacturers have moderating their pricing expectations. Even if prices increase half as much as feared, that’s still a monumental jump

Inform Customers About A2L

Let your customers know now about the coming refrigerant change and how that will increase prices. Let them know that they might want to consider replacing older equipment, equipment that’s prone to breakdowns, or any old R22 systems today.

Prepare information pieces for technicians to hand out on every service call. Use a headline like, “Before You Spend Money on a Costly Repair…” Then, quote the manufacturers, trade press, and other media about the expected price increases from A2L. Money is tight these days as everyone is feeling the pinch of inflation, but it’s not tight for everyone and you cannot know who can pull out a checkbook and pay for a new system right now.

Send Second Chance Letters in the Fall

Often people make repair decisions due to the stress of the moment, the desire to get cool fast, and simply not being mentally prepared to consider the price of a system replacement. Once things cool off, send them a letter giving them a second chance to replace by crediting the cost of the repair they paid against a new system. You are not pressuring them. You are giving them options.

Instead of griping about A2L refrigerants, use them as a call to action for people to replace now, rather than wait.

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Matt Michel | Chief Executive Officer

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